Production Open Day

Ros Maddison, Head of Production, welcomes you and lets you know what to expect at today’s Production Open Day.

” If there is something you are interested in, there will be an opportunity to learn about it.”

– Jennifer Grubb, graduated 2018

A Campus Built for Performance

Explore the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in our 360 virtual tour.

You’ll be able to see our design studios, workshop, prop rooms, wardrobe and technical workshops.

Everything you need to dream, design and create work for performance is right here.

“Become a confident professional with transferable skills, ready to energise the production arts and find your place within the profession.”

– Ros Maddison, Head of Production

Marmoset Construction

Meet the founders of the sustainable set construction company Marmoset Construction. Max Gabbott and Fergus Massie were recently awarded £10,000 by the Bruce Millar graduate fellowship to develop their creative company.

Read more about the award and their idea.