A week of bite-sized lunchtime workshops to energise and strengthen your future practice, projects, and career. The Road Ahead of us will mean working in the so-called ‘new normal’ and these workshops will help you to consider ways to futureproof your practice for the post-covid world.

It’s recommended that you take part all workshops, as they will build on each other and you will get the most out of it by attending all of them.

Students, Graduates, and Staff are all invited to join the workshops. The workshops are not open to the public.

The 2021 Programme is now finished, however if you have any questions or queries about The Road Ahead please contact Stephanie at keadmin@rcs.ac.uk.


Monday 12 April 2021, 13:00-14:00: Panel Discussion

The Road Ahead will kick off with an inspirational panel of RCS Graduates bringing the digital and online space into their work in exciting ways, chaired by Josh Armstrong. Panellists include: Basia Binkowska (Theatre Designer), Gudrun Soley Sigurdardottir (performance artist, director and facilitator) and Sarah Ayoub (Cellist).

Tuesday 13 April 2021, 13:00 – 14:00: Getting to Grips with Digital Working – The Why (led by Suzy Glass, Independent Producer)

This first workshop will provide a broad overview of why it’s important to produce performance work for online settings and will highlight the socio-political context for producing this work. You’ll discuss the social adoption of digital tools, and the need for the performers and arts practitioners to tell these stories with and via technology.


  • You will leave with an understanding of the backdrop for this work and the pressing need for change in order to remain relevant and responsible.
  • You’ll learn how to frame your online work within the wider context (to use in funding applications, marketing etc)
  • You will have a framework of understanding that will allow you to engage with the rest of the workshops in The Road Ahead.

Wednesday 14 April 2021, 13:00 – 14:00: Getting to Grips with Digital Working – The How (led by Suzy Glass, Independent Producer)

In this workshop, you will start with a discussion on why you might feel blocked when you try to work in new ways. We’ll discuss the obstructive nature of

fear & how to dissipate or manage your fear. You will explore examples of excellent work in this space, ranging from high end (and highly expensive) innovations from major players, through to hack-style interventions made by relative unknowns for very little money.


  • You will leave a better understanding of your fears producing work online and a set of references to use to inspire your ongoing development processes.

Thursday 15 April 2021, 13:00 – 14:00: Getting to Grips with Digital Working – The What (led by Suzy Glass, Independent Producer)

This workshop will have a practical focus on principles and methodologies that underpin digital ways of working, with a focus on the hack community and Agile project management. As a group you will explore how this way of working is like a form of improvisation. You will explore the key stages of an agile process, and why it’s particularly useful when making work with technology for digital spaces.


  • You will have a new understanding of how your practice can work with technology.
  • You will learn aspects of agile project management and hack methods to use in your own projects.

Thursday 15 April 6:00 – 8:00pm: Meet your Creative Soul Mate: Speed Dating for Collaboration 

Join the RCS community for a ‘speed dating’ event to swap skills and meet potential collaborators. You’ll have 6 minutes each with a range of potential collaborators from a diverse mix of disciplines. In total, you’ll have the chance to meet with 9 ‘dates’.

Bring along your ideas, your ongoing projects, and your pipe dreams as you never know who you will meet and where that collaboration could lead!

Friday 16 April 2021 13:00 – 14:30 Getting to Grips with Digital Working – The Technical Details (Erin Maguire, Founder of Beyongolia)

Drawing on your new framework of reference and ideas from the sessions led by Suzy, in this workshop you will look at the nitty, gritty, technical details. Erin will demystify the creative production process and work through different filming scenarios and key considerations, practical elements including planning, composition, lighting, motion, audio, editing and delivery.


  • You will have a new understanding of the basics of digital production skills including shooting and editing.
  • Access to a 20 page PDF detailing the topics covered in the workshop.
  • You will be equipped to go out and play with a variety of video ideas you can apply to your creative practice.

Friday 16 April 2021 15:00 – 17:40 1-2-1s with a Technical Expert (Erin Maguire, Founder of Beyongolia)

Following the workshop, you have the opportunity to spend some 1-2-1 time with Erin. Bring your projects, ideas, recordings, and collaborations to Erin for specific technical questions. Erin has vast experience across a number of disciplines and can advise on early-stage concepts through to finished products that need editing.

Sessions will last for 20 minutes and you can only register for one. Spaces are limited so we recommend you register early. If demand is high, you may be placed in a small group.


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