Make It Happen is a series of workshops set up to help you get your ideas, projects, companies, and collaborations off the ground and into the world. The workshop series supports students, and alumni, develop professional skills, access funding, set up their career as a freelancer or launch a creative project or business.

All Make It Happen events are welcoming, intimate, warm, and casual. No experience in the topic is necessary and our expert speakers will guide you through the basics, leaving plenty of space for questions and conversation.

Make It Happen workshops take place monthly on Zoom.

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An Introduction to Crowdfunding

Tuesday 9 November 2021
Kaye Symington + Richard Ling, Paved with Gold
6:00 – 7:30pm
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The past few years have been a rollercoaster for everyone in the creative and performing arts, and the competition for support and funding is fiercer than ever before. Crowdfunding is also more popular than ever – with more projects being funded in this way but also more supporters than we’ve seen before. In this workshop, you will learn about different crowdfunding platforms, and how to make your project stand out with tips from a crowdfunding experts.

You’ll leave the Make It Happen Workshop with:

– An overview of different crowdfunding platforms
– Advice from a crowdfunding expert on running a successful campaign
– An understanding of crowdfunding dos and don’ts
– You’ll also leave the session with a campaign skeleton, and a timeline plan, to get started on your crowdfunding campaign


Kaye and Richard run Paved With Gold, a marketing and crowdfunding agency based in Glasgow and London. They work across a wide spectrum of creative projects from small makers to large start-ups. They have developed and worked on programmes aimed at creatives alongside organisations like The Design Council, Creative Scotland and the Scottish Government. They are recognised Kickstarter Experts and have managed crowdfunding campaigns since 2012. They are passionate about communities and creating compelling stories that bring people together.

Taxes for Freelancers

Tuesday 7 December 2021
Peter Evans
6:00 – 7:30pm
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For many creative thinkers, the mere mention of taxes might make them start to sweat. As creative freelancers, we all know that we need to figure out our taxes but would probably rather avoid them. We might shy away from them because traditionally, business and tax advice doesn’t suit creative brains. They’re a big, scary, intimidating business to deal with as a freelancer and the fact is that you will need to do them every year.

But a little financial knowledge can go a long way as a creative freelancer working in the performing arts.

This jargon free introduction to taxes and your financial life as a freelancer will help set you up for success in your professional career. Our speaker will myth-bust some common misconceptions and help to take the fear out of dealing with taxes.

You’ll leave the Make It Happen Workshop with:

– A guide to UK taxes for freelancers
– New confidence in dealing with financial issues
– An understanding of the UK tax system and how it impacts you
– Some tips on how to manage your money


Peter Evans, of Affinity Scotland, spent the first half of his career as a Tax Inspector with HMRC and he now advises individuals and businesses how to operate in the most tax-efficient way. Often working in the creative sector, he helps those who are just starting in business to take advantage of the tax-saving opportunities that exist as well as giving practical business advice.

More workshops for Term 2 will be announced soon. 

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