The New Athenaeum: Practising Research

Our staff awards scheme is one of our principal tools in growing our distinctive environment for research and knowledge exchange. These awards are named the Athenaeum Awards in recognition of the Conservatoire’s earliest incarnation as the Glasgow Athenaeum in 1847, and reflecting the contemporary relevance of its founding aims, which included the pursuit and sharing of insights in science and art, by the agency of which a nation is enriched and ennobled.

In the past 9 years, the Athenaeum Awards have opened up numerous new directions for innovative work, supported dissemination and partnership building across Scotland and beyond, and assisted our artists to generate and share new insights across the full range of their expertise. This short document gives just a brief introduction to what’s going on in The New Athenaeum.


What’s Going On Now?

What’s Going On Now? (WGON) is a major examination of music education and youth music-making in Scotland. The research was commissioned by Creative Scotland and conducted by The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, across a twelve-month period from early 2018 to early 2019.

During the research, The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland reported to the Music Education Partnership Group, which includes representation across a wide and diverse range of partners, fully outlined in the report. What’s Going On Now? builds on research published in 2003, and explores the formal, informal and non-formal sectors of music education in Scotland.

For all findings and recommendations, read What’s Going On Now?


Movers and Shakers

Pioneering Royal Conservatoire of Scotland graduates, from choreographers and costume designers to performance makers and producers, are profiled in this publication in which they share their advice, experience and what it means to carve a unique path in the global arts and creative industries landscape.

The 12 Royal Conservatoire of Scotland graduates who are featured in Movers and Shakers Developing Enterprising Artists, Makers and Technicians, tell their stories of ploughing their own path, the challenges and obstacles they have faced, moments of growth and success and, crucially, how they sustain their careers as artists and creative entrepreneurs.

Read Movers and Shakers.