Alexander Baird

Costume construction

Student Information


Alexander is a costume construction graduate with an interest in costume FX and modelmaking, particularly for film and TV. Skilled in CAD and 3D printing, he loves to combine his technical expertise with hands on practical skills; such as sculpting, sewing, and metalwork. He has a particular interest in making objects and garments from sci-fi and fantasy genres, and his attention to detail helps him create interesting and complex works. 



  • 3D printing (SLA and FDM)
  • animatronics
  • electronics
  • Machine sewing
  • tailoring
  • hand sewing
  • repairs and alterations
  • pattern drafting
  • corsetry
  • millinery
  • paint finishes
  • sheet metalwork
  • leatherwork
  • sculpting
  • mouldmaking
  • casting
  • metal casting


Work Experience:

RCS Experience

Costume maker, Russian double bill opera

Costume maker, Candide

Costume maker,  Sweeney Todd

Costume maker, Hansel and Gretal

Costume maker, Cinderella

Other Work Experience

Costume maker, Dundee Rep, December 2022

Drapery assistant, Marvel Studios, September 2022

Costume daily, Weydemann Bros, April 2022

Drapery assistant, American Knight Productions, February 2022

3D artist, RUMI pod garden rooms, October 2021



Negotiated Project - Animatronic

“Russian double bill” dress (Costume maker)

Negotiated project - Light up jacket

Negotiated project- Puppeted robot arm and sci-fi jacket

Personal project - Sculpted creature


Negotiated project - Animatronic