Alice Abott

Student Information


Alice was born in Glasgow and trained at the Scottish Ballet Associates and Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Junior Conservatoire prior to joining the BA Modern Ballet course. She has thoroughly enjoyed her 3 years of training at RCS and is looking forward to commencing the next stage of her dance journey at Ballet de Barcelona in September.  

During her time at RCS, Alice has enjoyed working with multiple professional choreographers including Andrew McNicol, John McFall and Julian Moss. She has also benefitted from the performance experiences throughout her 3 years, including performances at The Gleneagles Hotel and at Modern Ballet Graduation Shows. While training, Alice has been assisting at Scottish Ballet Associates, helping to teach the next generation of young dancers, and was also a part of the Young Creatives programme in association with One Dance UK. As a student at the Conservatoire, Alice was her year group representative during all three years of her training and was also the Modern Ballet representative for the Student Union during her final year. Alice would like to thank all of the staff for their support across the degree and for making her time at RCS so memorable and fulfilling.