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Benedetta is an Italian actor, currently based in Scotland. She previously trained at the Conservatoire C. Pollini in Padua and worked alongside theatre companies like Fantaghirò. She is particularly interested in educational theatre, and her first experiment with it came with Breathing The Same Air (On the Verge Virtual Festival 2020). She is currently in her 3rd year on the BA Performance in BSL and English course.



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  • Languages: Italian, English, British Sign Language (BSL), Italian Sign Language (LIS), Spanish 
  • Accents: Italian neutral accent, Italian native accent, RP, General Southern American accent 
  • Dance: Raggaeton and Contemporary styles 
  • Singing: Pop and basic Jazz 
  • Sports: Yoga, Tai Chi, Canoe, Kayak, Running 

Work Experience:

Theatre credits include:

  • C in Stronger Than Bone (The Pappy Show theatre company)
  • Breathing The Same Air (On the Verge Festival)
  • Mary Queen of Scots, Maitland and Mary Chorus in Glory on Earth (RCS)
  • The Strange Musician (RCS)
  • Tanya: A New Musical (RCS)
  • August Osage County (RCS)
  • Sonder (RCS)
  • The Gashlycrumb Tinies (RCS)
  • San Isidro Futbol (Fantaghirò Theatre Company)
  • The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-time (Fantaghirò Theatre Company)
  • The Last Days of Troy (Fantaghirò Theatre Company)
  • Stew In Pink Sauce (Fantaghirò Theatre Company)
  • Alessandro Ruffini (Fantaghirò Theatre Company)
  • An Exemplar Execution (Fantaghirò Theatre Company)

Film/TV Credits:

  • Sophia in Anger Management (RCS short movie)
  • Everything Returns/Tutto Ritorna (Padova Ciak Film Festival short movie)

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The Assumption

The Assumption

The Assumption

The Assumption

Glory on Earth

Glory on Earth


Breathing The Same Air

Excerpt from The Assumption