Beth McColl

Set and Costume Design

Student Information


Beth is interested in creating settings that fulfil, manipulate and decorate space whilst working collaboratively alongside a director.  

She has designed for both a devised piece of performance with the BSL programme and for a larger scale musical. She also has an strong interest in prop-making and model making. 


  • Set design 
  • Costume design 
  • Model making 
  • Technical drawing 
  • Adobe Photoshop 
  • Procreate 
  • Lino printing 
  • Collaging 
  • Prop making
  • Collaboration 
  • Managing 
  • Working with budgets  


Into the Woods

Into the Woods (Rapunzel's Tower)

Into the Woods

The Overcoat (Model)

Thebans (Model piece)

Macbeth - Caravans (Model Piece)

City of Angels (Prop Piano)


Beth's Introduction