Caitlin Riddell

Stage Management

Student Information


Caitlin is a Freelance Stage Manager from Lossiemouth, Scotland. They have a wide range of experience in Theatre including but not limited to: Contemporary Art, Musical Theatre, Plays, Dance, Festivals and Devised Work.

With an affinity for DSMing, they perform their best when calling tight, precise cues and maintaining clear communication with everyone involved in a production.

Known for having a great sense of humour and not taking anything too seriously, Caitlin is excited to apply their can-do attitude to grow as a professional in the industry.



  • Cueing to Score
  • Just FX Pyrotechnics Safety Awareness Course
  • Strong Prop Making, Sourcing & Maintenance Skills
  • Strong Risk Assessment Generating
  • Excellent Digital & Paper Prompt Book Making
  • Rigging and Focusing
  • Counterweight Flying
  • Dante Audio Networking (Level 1)
  • Experience with Bloodwork
  • Experience working with Children Ages 5-18 (PVG)
  • Experience working with Adults with Disabilities and Learning Difficulties
  • Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, QLab, Vectorworks, ProTools, Canva, PDFexpert.


Work Experience:


Stage Manager, BA Modern Ballet Showcase

Deputy Stage Manager, Merrily We Roll Along 

Stage Manager, Takin’ Over the Asylum 

Deputy Stage Manager, Secret Mischiefs

Assistant Stage Manager, Cinderella  

Sound No. 2, This song may make you melancholy



Deputy Stage Manager, Henry IV / Jekyll & Hyde (Bard in the Botanics), Upcoming

Stage Manager, School of Rock (Freelance), April 2023

Rehearsal ASM, Kidnapped (National Theatre of Scotland), Feb-March 2023

Stage Manager on Book, Fill Fill Fill Fill Fill Fill Fill (RCS), July-September 2022

Stage Manager on Book, The Wizard of Oz (Freelance), February-March 2022

Theatre Arts Support Officer, Out of the Darkness Theatre Company, May-November 2019


Takin’ Over the Asylum (Stage Manager)

Kidnapped (Rehearsal Assistant Stage Manager)

Merrily We Roll Along (Deputy Stage Manager)

Takin' Over The Asylum (Stage Manager)

Secret Mischiefs


Merrily We Roll Along