Eléna Redmond

Student Information


Spotlight pin: 4054-6754-8757 

Pronouns: she/her

Height: 5’3’’ 

Playing age range: 14 -25

Nationality: British/Irish



Accents: Hertfordshire*, American-Standard, American-Southern States, Australian, Belfast, Cockney, Cork, Dublin, Essex, London, Manchester, RP, Sheffield, Spanish, Yorkshire 

Dance: Ballet*, Irish Step*, Tap*, Contemporary, Jazz 

Movement: Lecoq, Alexander Technique, Choreography

Singing: General

Other: Violin, Guitar, Tin Whistle, Bouldering, Cycling, Yoga, Writer of Solace for the RCS On The Verge Festival 2020.  Due to appear as Petra in The Enemy, National Theatre of Scotland (postponed due to Covid)  


Work Experience:

Catherine, The Speculator, RCS (Mark Thomson)

Hermia, Hermia’s Dream, RCS/Theatre Olympics St Petersburg 2019 (Ali de Souza)

Balthzar/Courtesan, The Comedy of Errors, RCS (Andy McGregor)

Honey, Who’s Afraid of Virgina Woolf?, RCS (John Kazek)

Sonya, Uncle Vanya, RCS (Katya Kamotskaia)

Martha, Solace (Short film), RCS On The Verge (Adam Butler)

Eléna Redmond (Self), ELBOW: Gentle Storm (Music Video), Smash Management (Kevin Godley)



Sam Irons, 2020

Contact Information


The Comedy of Errors

The Speculator

Hermia's Dream