Gayathri Devi


Student Information


Pronouns: She/Her

Height: 5’3″

Playing Age Range: 18-35

Nationality: Indian

Visa Status: UK work visa application in progress

Scholarship/Prestigious awards: Saltire Scholarship



Singing: Classical, Musical Theatre (Mezzo Soprano), Indian Classical (Carnatic), Vocal Range- D3 to C6 (Belt to G5) 

Music: Fundamental Music Theory, Song-writing

Dance: Intermediate Ballet, Basic Jazz, Basic Tap 

Accents: London, GeneralAmerican*, American (southern)*, New York

Previous Qualifications: A.T.C.L Diploma in Performance Art (Trinity College of London) – 2018

Languages: Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam 


Work Experience:

Joanne, Company, RCS (Joe Douglas) 

The Witch, Into the Woods (Abridged), RCS (Dougie Irvine) 

Featured Performer, Christmas at The Conservatoire, RCS (Gordon Adams) 

Ninja Hattori, Ninja Hattori (English Voice-over), Nickelodeon India

Amy, Company, Kuku Company, India (Amrita Frederick) 

Mary Magdalene, Jesus Christ Superstar, Stagefright Productions (Denver Nicholas, Freddie Koikaran



David Mar Photography, 2019

Contact Information


Christmas at the Conservatoire

Christmas at the Conservatoire



Monologue Reel

Voice Reel

Madhatter (Wonderland)


A Sleeping Country (Performed with Sarah Wilde-Jones)