Gil Sweeney

Student Information


Playing Age: 15-25

Height: 5’6″

Nationality: American (UK Work Visa application in process)


Singing: Baritone*, contemporary singing, classical singing*, pop singing*, singer-songwriter

Music: Violin*, ukulele

Dance: Jazz, ballet, contemporary, tap 

Accents: American standard*, American New York, Belfast, RP, American southern, Glaswegian

Other: Gymnastics, tumbling, diving, running

*Denotes high proficiency


Work Experience:

RCS Final Year Season Credits:

Sid Sorokin, Pajama Game, Becky Hope Palmer

Milky White, Into the Woods, Emily Reutlinger

Bus Driver / Ensemble, Violet, Aaron Lee Lambert

Other Experience:

Demetrius/Flute, On a Midsummers Night, Rosendale Theatre (Debbie Lan)

Soloist, The Perfect Line, (Filip Holacky)

Sweeney Todd (workshop) and Jesus Christ Superstar (workshop), Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.



Joe Loper (2020)

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