Isadora Gough

Set and Costume Design

Student Information


Isadora Gough is a Set and Costume Designer for Theatre and Film, originally from Salisbury and now based in Glasgow. She has worked as both Production Designer and Production Assistant on a number of short films and hopes to continue this after graduation, exploring music videos and longer form visual media. Izzy is interested in creating playful and immersive worlds which facilitate storytelling, and which have sustainability and accessibility embedded into their core.  



  • Model Making
  • Technical Drafting
  • Photoshop
  • Scenic Painting
  • Photography 

Work Experience:


Set and Costume Designer, Attempts on Her Life

Set and Costume Designer, A Very Expensive Poison (in collaboration with Margaux Lemaire d’Autreaux)

Production Designer,  The Ties That Bind Us (RCS Film, dir. John Black)

Production Designer, Pink Confessions (RCS Film, dir. Maria Farres Fernandez)

Production Designer, Our Last Requiem (RCS Film, dir. Isabelle Galkin)

Scenic Painter, Flight

Scenic Painter,  Hansel und Gretel



Set and Costume Designer, Whisky Galore (Prop Hire Scotland), May 2023

Set Designer, Next In Line (GMAC Little Pictures film, dir. Seyma Dag), February 2023

Costume Assistant, Beauty and the Beast (Mercury Theatre, des. Jasmine Swan), December 2022

Art Department Assistant,  Floored (Edinburgh Napier MA Film short, dir. Fin Bain),  July 2022


A Very Expensive Poison (Set and Costume Designer in collaboration with Margaux Lemaire d’Autreaux)

Attempts on Her Life (Set and Costume Designer)

Macbeth (Theoretical Design)

Our Last Requiem (Production Designer)

Pink Confessions (Production Designer)