Joe Urquhart

Student Information


Spotlight pin: 7892-0163-1047

Pronouns: he/him

Height: 5’ 7” 

Playing age range: 16-23

Nationality: British

Scholarships/Awards:  RCS Carleton Hobbs BBC radio competition 20202021 finalist




Accents: RP*, Devon*, Dorset, Somerset, Manchester, Yorkshire, Cockney, Regional Scottish, Israeli, American (Standard), American (New York), Good ear for accents* 

Movement: Lecoq trained 

Singing: Baritone/Tenor 

Other: Football*, Sprinting*, Boxing, Muay-Thai, Horse-riding, SurfingDrama Workshop Leader, Clean Driving Licence  



Work Experience:

Lord Islay, The Speculator, RCS (Mark Thomson)

Gravedigger, Hamlet, RCS (Peter Collins)

Lysander, Hermia’s Dream, RCS (Michael Guest / Ali de Souza)

Pte. Hubert Wareham, The Gathering: Messages from the Great War, State of Play (Tony Horitz)

Ratty/ Ensemble , The Wind in the Willows, Scripts for Supper (Annie McKenzie)

Ferdinand, The Tempest, The Marine Theatre (Clemmie Reynolds) 



Nick Ivins, 2020

Contact Information



The Speculator