Julia Quante


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Julia is interested in creating visually striking designs that capture the audience’s attention. Julia is passionate about designing costumes that will elegantly tell a character’s story without words.

In addition to her design experience in theatre and film, Julia has strong scenic art and costume construction skills.

“Design is such a wonderful combination of artforms that I enjoy, it encompasses fashion, painting, architecture, literature and so much more. This versatility and a love for the performing arts is exactly what made and still makes it so appealing to me.

I love anything that will allow me to really dive into a particular time period, place or concept. To get immersed in a piece of theatre and see it through from concept to premiere is fantastic. Especially for smaller shows or projects that you have been every part of the production team for, it’s incredibly rewarding to see everything come together.”



  • Modelmaking
  • Manual Drafting
  • Costume Illustration
  • Vectorworks
  • Adobe Photoshop and InDesign Costume Construction and Maintenance
  • Scenic Painting


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Cold Stone Clip

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