Leo Wittwer


Student Information


Having always enjoyed creative visual and photographic work, Leo holds just as great of an interest in the technical aspects surrounding that. His fascination for the direct and creative collaboration bringing these elements together in theatre, kicked off Leo’s ongoing work in the performing arts. He has since profoundly enjoyed working towards an understanding of how to creatively complement the action and mood on stage to intensify the experience for an audience.


Work Experience:


Lighting Designer, Russian Double Bill – A feast in Time of Plague & Four Sisters (Opera)

Lighting Designer, A Very Expensive Poison

Video Designer, Every Wednesday & Where I Live Now (Contemporary Performance Practice)

Lighting Designer, Takin’ Over the Asylum



Video Operator, Candide (Scottish Opera, Glasgow), Jul-Aug 2022

Video Programmer, The Tempest (Ustinov, Theatre Royal, Bath), Jun 2022


Opera Double Bill

Opera Double Bill

A Very Expensive Poison

Takin' Over the Asylum

Opera Double Bill

Takin' Over the Asylum