Magdalen Vaughn


Student Information


Nationality: USA

Height: 6’0″

Playing Age Range: 25-35

Agent: Spark Talent Agency (USA)


Accents: American (General), Australian, Scandanavian (General), RP, NSE, MLE, American (Southern: Texas, Old South, Alabama), American (Midwest), New York, Dublin, Glaswegian

Languages: Spanish (Advanced), French (Intermediate)

Dance: Amateur Ballet (Cheryl Nowlin, Chicago)

Movement: Beginners Butoh (Sarah Zalek, Chicago)

Singing: Alto

Other Skills: Volleyball

Previous Training:

The Artistic Home (Meisner Series, Kathy Scambiaterra, Chicago)

The Improv Olympic Theatre (Through Level 4, Chicago)

Advanced Acting (Kimberly Senior, Chicago)

Black Box 1 (Audrey Francis, Chicago)

SAFD Combat General (U of H, Jack Young, Houston)

Experiencing Speech (Knight Thompson Speechwork, Julie Foh)

Scene Study and Directors Intensive (Monica Payne, Chicago)

Work Experience:

Dorcas/Hilda/Flynn/Brigitta, Loveplay, The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (Ludwig Jurich)

Romeo and Lady Capulet, Romeo and Juliet, The Globe Theatre Education (Steven Kavuma)

Sir William Stanley, Perkin Warbeck: A Masque of Anamnesis, The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (Marc Silberschatz)

Ariadne, Corona, Rec Room Theatre (Sophia Watt)

Lyra, Game of Thrones Immersive, HBO (David Wally)

Childlike Woman, Sinking Ship, Mildred’s Umbrella (Jon Harvey)

Odette, The Party House, The Runaways Lab Theatre (Olivian Lilley)

Millie, Bernara Alba and Her House, Redtwist Theatre (Eric Shoemaker)

Portia, The Merchant of Venice, University Theatre (Anna Meredith)












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