Megan Muir

Costume Construction

Student Information


Megan is interested in designing and making clothes that tell a story. Every detail of a garment is important to the overall look of a costume and the role it is helping to shape. She has a particular passion for historical and fantasy costume as she loves how the research process into them and the wide variety of inspiration from film, tv and books. 

She first became interested in costume while learning at school about late designer Alexander McQueen’s own origins in theatre costuming.  

With an HND in Fashion Design and Manufacture, she incorporates the idea of bringing a design to life from paper to fabric into her work and that every project has a meaningful narrative. 


  • Pattern drafting and cutting  
  • Domestic and industrial sewing  
  • Hand sewing 
  • Couture techniques 
  • Fashion sketching and design 
  • Tailoring 
  • Alterations 
  • Costume maintenance 
  • Corsetry 
  • Dressing 
  • Millenary  
  • Costume continuity 


Death's Bride

Death's Bride

Dead Man Walking



Millinery Project

Cavendish - Dressing on set

Ballet Showcase 2019



Megan's Introduction