Mylo McDonald

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Mylo McDonald is a British/Turkish actor from the South East of England. Mylo has previously trained with the Guildford School of Acting and is a member of the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain. He is the managing director of Lucky Mile Productions, a production company that has produced several pieces of work to date including animation and short films. Mylo is also a singer/songwriter and has a background in martial arts. 

Spotlight pin: 9494-0162-0955  

Pronouns: he/him

Height: 6’2″

Playing age range: 21-30

Nationality: British



Accents: RP*, General American*, Cockney, London, Australian, Dublin, American Southern States, Russian 

Movement: Lecoq, Clown

Singing: Confident Tenor Singer 

Other: Sports – Muay Thai, MMA, boxing, basketball, surfing, bouldering, weight-lifting. Voice acting for animation. Proficient in music production, beatboxing, rapping and song-writing; with a home studio set-up. 



Work Experience:

Phillipe/Prince de Conti, The Speculator, RCS (Mark Thomson)

Jasper, Function, National Youth Theatre (Lynette Linton)

Gideon, Shaun & Additional Voices, High Tide- Prees (animated short), High Tide- Overdose (animated short), Lucky Mile Productions (Self-directed) 

Chris Mann

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The Speculator

The Speculator