Neal Clark


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Neal has been able to take on many different roles in his time at RCS. He enjoys all aspects of Sound, especially system design and production sound engineering.

Neal has also sound designed productions for international festival stages.


  • Working knowledge of Network Protocols
  • Previous experience as an IT engineer (Specialising in networks)
  • Knowledge of Live audio systems — d&b, KV2, Yamaha
  • Dante Audio Networking — Certified Level 2
  • Working knowledge of Wireless microphone systems — Shure Axient, Wireless workbench, Sennheiser
  • Working knowledge of lighting desks and equipment — ETC Eos Ti, ETC Nomad
  • Basic knowledge of Vectorworks
  • Advanced Pyrotechnics training — Allowing the use of T2 pyrotechnics


Photos: Neal Clark and Robert McFadzean – Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

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Shetland Folk Festival

Songs For a Mad King


Attempts On Her Life

City of Angels

Peter Pan

Peter Pan

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