Neila Stephens

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Neila is a Scottish actor, originally from Aberdeen and now based in Glasgow. Before attending RCS, she completed a physical theatre short course at LAMDA. She has experience across theatre, film and radio. This year Neila represented RCS at the BBC Carlton Hobbs 2021 Radio Competition.

Spotlight pin: 6297-8977-8090 

Pronouns: she/her

Height: 5’ 5” 

Playing age range: 19-29

Nationality: Scottish/British

Scholarships/Awards: Pauline Knowles Scholarship (2020-2021), Norah Cooper Mulligan Award (2020) 

Agent: Julie Hamilton, Coulter Management Agency



Accents: RP, London, Northern, Dublin, Northern Irish, Scottish Standard*, Aberdeen*, Glasgow, Russian, General American 

Dance: Pole Dance, Scottish Country Dance 

Movement: LecoqMaskPhysical Theatre 

Singing: Mezzo-soprano 

Other: Horse Riding, Stage Combat, Driving License, Snowboarding 


Work Experience:

Adelaide, The Specualtor, RCS (Mark Thomson)

Hamlet, Hamlet, RCS (Peter Collins)

Techna Girl/Saoirse, Captain Powerman, (short film) Half-Bank Productions (Alex Halford) 


Sam Irons, 2020

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