Patraig Gallagher

Set Construction

Student Information


Patrâig Gallagher is a Glasgow-based Scenic Carpenter with over a decade of experience in the events industry and a passion for bringing artistic visions to life. Graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Production from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, where he actively pursued sustainable practices within the industry. Patrâig excels in executing complex set designs and constructing custom props using eco-friendly materials when possible and efficient construction techniques. His skills include proficient carpentry techniques, traditional joinery, furniture making, steel fabrication, sound knowledge of sustainable scenic construction materials, and the ability to interpret technical drawings through a climate-conscious.


  • Timber Framing
  • Finishing Joinery
  • Traditional Joinery
  • Furniture Making
  • Steel Fabrication

Work Experience:

RCS Experience

Scenic Carpenter, Merrily We Roll Along

Scenic Carpenter, Takin’ Over The Asylum

Scenic Carpenter, Gloria

Scenic Carpenter, Sweeney Todd

Scenic Carpenter, Flight

Scenic Carpenter, Hänsel und Gretel

Scenic Carpenter, Cinderella

Scenic Carpenter, Thebans

Scenic Carpenter, The Bacchae


Other Work Experience

Carpenter, Rebus (Eleventh Hour Films), May 2023

Carpenter, Il Trittico (Scottish Opera), Jan/Feb 2023

Carpenter, Gilded Balloon (The Fringe), Jul/Sept 2022

Events Crew, Freelance, Jan 2014 – Jun 2019

Stage Crew, Pavillion Theatre, Nov 2010 – Jun 2014


Sweeney Todd (Carpenter)

Merrily We Roll Along (Carpenter)

Hänsel und Gretel (Carpenter)