Rachael Murray

Prop Making

Student Information


Over the past 3 years Rachael has developed her prop making skills and portfolio, through productions and projects both inside and out with the conservatoire. She has also taken this opportunity to specialise in areas she enjoys such as puppetry and scenic art, which she hopes to build upon further in the future. 


  • Clay sculpting 
  • Polystyrene and foam carving
  • Moulding and casting
  • Usage of machine and power tools
  • Basic wood working skills
  • Scenic Art (faux finishes, ageing/ distressing, practice using spray gun)
  • Experience of paint/ prop calls on stage
  • Puppet making
  • Sewing skills 
  • Stage upholstery
  • Stage makeup
  • MIG welding trained 


Rocco the hand Puppet - Sizzle

Lewis Chessmen

Scenic recreation of the “Stained glass panel with Queen Kunigunde”

Magregor and MacDuff Kiltmakers

City of Angels Stool

Dinosaur Clay Sculptor

Scenic recreation of the “Zoe Mosaic”


The Speculator


Rachael's Introduction

Automata Timelapse