Raymond Wilson


Student Information


Nationality: Scottish

Height: 5’7″

Playing Age Range: 20-30

Equity Number: 00470891

Scholarships/Prestigious Awards: Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Trust (Postgraduate Scholarship)


Accents: Glaswegian*, Standard Scottish

Languages: Thai (Intermediate)

Dance: Freestyle Dance

Singing: Folk Singing

Other Skills: Voice Acting, Writing (Poetry/Prose/Song), Spoken Word, Fencing, Wilderness First Aid, Lifeguarding, Earth Science (BSc Degree)

Work Experience:

Kai, A History of Breathing, RCS (Diana Dizor)

The Recently Deceased/Wisp 2/Granny, Open Lock – End Strife, RCS On The Verge Festival (Raymond Wilson)

Robin (Clown), A Winter’s Tale, Or: The Child Hath Found Her Mother, RCS (Marc Silberschatz)

Posthumus Leonatus, Cymbeline, Globe Education/RCS (Nick Hutchison)

Alan, Penetrator, Fear No Colours (Julia Midtgard)

Errol/Kelpie/Wisp/Bit, Erin, Errol & The Earth Creatures, Modest Predicament (Shilpa T-Hyland)

Elliot, Mercury Fur, Fear No Colours (Julia Midtgard)

Private Edward Easton, Home Front (Radio Drama), BBC Radio 4 (Jessica Dromgoole)

Robin, Cleansed, Fear No Colours (Julia Midtgard)

David Marr 2020

Contact Information


A History of Breathing - Kai

A Winter's Tale - Robin

Mercury Fur - Elliot


Raymond Wilson as Kai in 'A History of Breathing'

Raymond Wilson and Georgia Figgis - Love Steals us from Loneliness (by Gary Owen)

Shakara Carter and Raymond Wilson - Midsommar (by Ari Aster (film))