Rhia Mitsuhashi

Lighting and Video

Student Information


Rhia is a lighting graduate with a strong interest in video design. Over her years at the Royal Conservatoire, she has been working on developing her skills as a video designer and lighting programmer. Coming from a background in graphic design, art and illustration she has always had a love for visual storytelling and creating the magic of illusion. She hopes to develop her skills to create immersive environments and experiences within the realm of live performance. 

With an open minded and nomadic attitude towards life she is excited to see where her career will take her. 



  • Video Programming (Disguise, Qlab)
  • Lighting Programming (EOS, MA2)
  • Adobe Suite (After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier Pro, InDesign)
  • Notch
  • Experience with traditional animation techniques (Frame by frame, Stop motion)
  • Vectorworks with ConnectCAD
  • Microsoft 365
  • Experience in creating and working with Risk Assessments
  • Experience creating and working with complex video networks 

Work Experience:


Video Technician , Love the Sinner (Vanishing Point), May 2023

Work Placement, 59 Productions, April 2023

Work Placement,  Nightsleeper (Video Screen Services), March 2023

Video Designer, Glasglow: A Land that time forgot (Itison), October 2022

Lighting and Video Designer/Programmer,  Bucket of Sunshine (Good Apple), July-August 2022



Video Designer, Modern Ballet Graduation Performance

Lighting Programmer, Opera Double Bill: A Feast in a Time of Plague, Three Sisters

Video Designer/Programmer, Merrily We Roll Along

Video Designer/Programmer, Contemporary Performance Showcase 2022

Video Designer/Programmer, Gloria

Lighting Designer/Programmer, Into the New Festival 2022


Contemporary Performance Showcase 2022 (Video Designer/Programmer)

Bucket of Sunshine (Lighting and Video Designer/Programmer)

Glasglow 2022 (Video Designer)


Merrily We Roll Along (Video Designer/Programmer)