Robyn Faye


Student Information


Nationality: British

Height: 5’2″

Playing Age Range: 16-25

Agent: Victoria Lepper Associates


Accents: RP*

Previous Training: 1st BA (Acting and Performance) University For The Creative Arts

Other Skills: Cycling, Swimming, Full Drivers Licence, Identical Twin Sister who is an actor

Work Experience:

Marie, Pains of Youth, RCS (Katie Jackson)

Urswick, Perkin Warbeck: A Masque of Anamnesis, RCS (Marc Silberschataz)

Selene, Selene (Short Film), RCS: On The Verge Festival (Self Directed)

Bacon Butty The Clown, The Prism (Online Immersive), Les Enfants Terriblest (Company Devised)

Elizabeth, Schmidt’s Journal (Radio Play), Hippie Theatre Company

The Student, Naked Truths, UCA (Robyn Faye)

Karina, Hoes Before Bros (Short Film), Ellie Heydon

Natasha, Three Sisters, UCA (Annalise Lovell)

Goneril, King Lear, UCA (Simon Money)

Lucy, Boiling Point (Short Film), UCA (Alan Pearce)

Michael Shelford, 2020

Contact Information


Romeo and Juliet

Robyn and Charly Faye