Rory Gilmore

Stage Technology

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Rory is a RCS graduate specialising in stage technology. While an all-rounder and competent across most areas of theatre, Rory shares a passion for Flying and Automation.

From May 2022 Rory will be sailing with Disney Cruise Line as an Entertainment Rigger/Stagehand.


  • Basic Knowledge of Sound and Lighting Systems
  • Understanding of Signal Flow and Data systems
  • Comfortable with ETC Eos lighting Desks
  • Basic use of Zero 88 Orb and Flx lighting consoles
  • Basic use of Avolites Tiger touch II lighting console
  • Previous experience with Soundcraft SI series sound desks
  • Good working knowledge of Stage Tech’s EChameleon Automation software
  • Experience with Kinesys Elevation winches and Vector software
  • Understanding of Basic Event power installations
  • Experience with Qlab
  • Experience with Video Wall systems
  • Good at fault finding and troubleshooting
  • Ipaf 1B, 3A, 3B valid until 2026

Work Experience:


  • Entertainment Rigger/Stagehand- Disney Cruise Line, May 2022-present
  • Technician – Beacon Arts Centre’s Beacon on the Road, December 2021
  • Drama Technician- Robert Gordon’s College, 2018-2019
  • Freelance Technician, 2018-present


  • Head of Stage, Flys & Automation – Into the new
  • Head of Stage – Cinderella
  • Head of Stage – CPP 1&4
  • Head of Stage – The Coat

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