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Fees and funding

Fees and funding

This section contains information on tuition fees, scholarships and funding. Please see the menu to the right for accessing information specific to your circumstances.



Each year, RCS disburses circa £1.3 million in scholarships to approximately one third of our incoming and continuing undergraduate and postgraduate students from the UK, the EU and internationally on the basis of merit and financial need. We have established a specific fund for incoming ‘Rest of the UK students’ on a means-tested basis as part of this total.

Any student who accepts a place at RCS will be considered for a scholarship. If you are offered a place at RCS you will be sent a financial statement form to complete to be considered for scholarship. If you are successful at gaining a scholarship you will receive separate notification from the Finance Office.

A scholarship award may be made to cover either part or the full cost of tuition fees, and may include an element for maintenance. Scholarships are made by academic staff to individuals on the basis of their talent, potential and need.

If you are successful in being awarded a scholarship and it has been donated by a specific trust or individual, there may be additional conditions. It is expected that all recipients of scholarships will write to the relevant donor at least once a year with an update on their progress. Students must also list the award in their biography and, on occasion, attend events where their donors may be present. Every scholarship student is expected to play a full and active role in the life of the institution, to act as a good role model for other students, and to be a good ambassador for the Royal Conservatoire.

The RCS Scholarship Fund is supported by the generosity of many charitable trusts, companies, businesses, individual members of the public and from bequests, therefore we ask students not to approach these bodies independently:

  • Barcapel
  • Cameron Macintosh Foundation
  • John Mather trust
  • RCSTrust
  • The Leverhulme Trust
  • The Wolfson Foundation
  • EMI Music Sound Foundation
  • Inches Carr Trust
  • Thomas and Margaret Roddan Trust
  • Yamaha Sophie’s Silver Lining

External funding

Many students will attempt to seek funds from organisations other than the Conservatoire and those charitable trusts, companies and businesses that it deals with directly. If you would like to apply for additional funds from external organisations please see the individual webpages listed by country or region (England, Wales, Scotland/EU, Northern Ireland or International) as well as the list of resources and websites below:

Paul Hamlyn Foundation

This is a funding directory for visual artists and composers. The website was created to provide a portal for information on funding opportunities for individual artists and composers.

The Alternative Guide to Postgraduate Funding

The Alternative Guide to Postgraduate Funding Online is all about alternative sources of funding – especially charities – which can make awards (fees, maintenance, research costs) to any student regardless of subject, or nationality.
The Alternative Guide Online contains a huge database of funding opportunities, comprehensive guidance, and numerous tools to help you prepare a winning grant application. The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland has purchased a licence to the Guide, and so it’s free for all students and staff to use! Login Now!

If you are a prospective student who has applied to the Conservatoire, please email to get an access PIN

The Grants Register 2012 (Palgrave MacMillan 2011), The Directory of Grant Making Trusts 2012/13 (DSC) and the Charities Digest 2012 (Waterlow Information Services)

Available in the UK through local libraries

Help Musicians UK (the working name of the Musicians Benevolent Fund)

The charity Help Musicians UK has funding information on its website