Scholarship Fund

Over £1.3 million of scholarship is given to students each year at RCS, allowing the finest and most talented students to study with us, whilst alleviating the cost of tuition fees, rent, travel expenses, as well as the costs of instruments, books, and necessary materials required to be a young artist in training.

Every donation to the scholarship fund has the power to make an immediate and significant impact on a student.

Sponsor an individual

You can choose to give a donation to the general scholarship fund or you can select an individual to sponsor. If you choose to sponsor a specific student, you will receive regular updates on their progress and be invited to recitals and shows throughout their studies. Many donors enjoy seeing the progress of individual students and gain much insight into the difference their donation has made to a person’s life here at RCS.

You can give to the Scholarship Fund in a number of ways:

  • Send a cheque
  • Pay by credit or debit card
  • Pay by standing order

Get in touch by contacting the Development Team: development@rcs.ac.uk or call 0141 270 8264

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