Introduction to the Performance Assessment

·Suitable for all standards

·Free choice of repertoire

·No technical work, sight-reading or aural tests

·Objective assessment with no marks, pass or fail

·Written report provided on the day

·Assessed by a specialist in the discipline

In our Performance Assessment for Scottish traditional music, there are no marks and no pass or fail: just independent feedback on your performance by a specialist in your discipline, written on the certificate that you receive at the end of your assessment.

We offer Performance Assessments in the following disciplines:

·Fiddle (playing the violin, viola or cello)

·Accordion (button or piano-key)

·Scottish harp or clarsach


You will be expected to perform a short programme of music entirely of your own choosing, lasting no longer than 10 minutes.The assessment will last about 15 minutes in total; the assessor will engage you in a brief introductory dialogue about your objectives, and will provide his or her written comments after your performance.

The Performance Assessment is perfect for:

·Young learners who would simply like a relaxed and unmarked introduction to the exam experience;

·Adult learners who may not wish to engage in an exams syllabus but would like a goal to work towards, or who would like to play to an examiner before considering exam entry;

·Teachers who may want a confidential assessment of their playing as part of their continuing professional development or who are approaching Scottish traditional music for the first time; and

·Candidates with specific support needs of any age who may not be able to access graded exams due to sensory impairments, learning difficulties or physical disabilities.

Entry details

You can enter for a Performance Assessment in the same way as you would a graded exam.