Working together with publisher Taigh na Teud and a range of Scotland’s foremost traditional musicians and tutors, the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland now offers new, updated syllabuses for fiddle, harp and accordions from January 2015. These include new selections of tunes in addition to timeless favourites, a wider range of practice specimens for Quick Studies and PAM tests and all-new downloadable bundles comprising all yo need to get started with your pupil or teacher.

For avoidance of doubt, the 2007-2014 syllabuses are no longeravailable from Taigh na Teud butwill be accepted at all exam sessions or special visits up to and including the 10 April 2015 exam session.

We publish collections of exams repertoire and specimen aural tests and quick studies with Skye-based publisher Taigh na Teud. These are diverse collections containing both traditional and recently composed tunes in the traditional Scottish idiom.

The exams booksare available on Taigh na Teud’s book and DVD website, www.scotlandsmusic.com.

DownloadableMP3s of the sound files are available here too, so you can hear the tunes and easily choose your repertoire for an exam or a new tune to learn. You can also buy the exam sheet music as single PDF copies to download.

In addition to our graded exams, you will also be able to create a programme from this carefully chosen resource for the Curriculum for Excellence, as well as concerts and ceilidhs. The tunes are collated by well known players, teachers and arrangers of Scottish fiddle, accordion and harp music.

accordion3Fiddle exam cover Harp exam cover