Welcome to Vital Signs of the Planet, a virtual concert where NASA and National Geographic join young global leaders and Royal Conservatoire of Scotland for epic climate concert. This powerful concert acted as a special moment for global youth and the arts to speak for the planet and share their voices during Earth’s vital time of need in the face of the climate crisis.  

Watch as the power of music, combined with new dramatic footage from NASA and National Geographic, bring the impact of climate change over the last 20 years on planet Earth to the forefront for a powerful cinematic event that took place last year at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall during COP26 and as part of our Green Room programme.  

During Vital Signs of the Planet you will see Royal Conservatoire musicians, young leaders, champions of the environmental movement as well as internationally renowned artists tell their stories of climate change throughout this concert designed to inspire and motivate audiences across the world. The 100-strong symphony orchestra of young musicians from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and its Junior Conservatoire joined together, alongside internationally recognised conductor Emil de Cou, singer-songwriter Natasha Bedingfield, and the Global Climate Uprising Festival to create this hour-long symphonic spectacular blending music and cinematic visuals. 

The concert was presented in partnership by the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and the Global Climate Uprising Festival and is supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies. 


Andrea Gajic, Violin (Vivaldi, Four Seasons)

Claire Lumsden, Soprano (Giacchino, Advent)

Natasha Bedingfield ft. Little Acres (Unwritten)


Natalie Sinclair (Scotland)

Agar Iklenia Castro Tejada & Iniquilipi Chiari (Panama)

Cedric Dzeluc (Ghana)

Elizabeth Wanjiru Wathuti (Kenya)


Guest Artists


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Traditional Musicians

Finlay Cameron (Piper)

Finlay Frame (Piper)

Ciar Milne (Piper)

Ben Muir (Piper)

Darren Brown (Drummer)

Chloe Taylor (Drummer)


Adam Richardson

Lucy Rowan

Matilda Coulton (piccolo)



Ross Williams

Olivia Overend

Cor Anglais

Annabelle Pizzey


Aaron Hartnell-Booth

Raj Bhaumik

Osian Dance (bass clarinet)


Emma Simpson

Fergus Butt

Tom Donkin

Kaylyn McKeown (contra)


Anya Flanagan

Gabi Rodriguez

Matthew Sayers

Ben Dickinson

Ross Donaldson

Robert Johnston


Mark Elwis

Kyterra Waters

Megan Bousfield

Eoin O’Gorman

Danni Woodnutt


Dylan Findlay

Symone Hutchison

Joshua Parkhill

Anthony Santiago


Jack Cullen


Ewan Millar


David Kerr*

David Almeida

Zach Mitchell

Noah Chalamanda

Fraser Peel

Violin 1

Huixin Hu

Elizabeth Gange

Paul Docherty

Chun-Yi Kang

Inês Soares

Elanor Leydecker

Nikodem Rodzeń

Nina Doig

Rachel Culpan

Sophie Chin

Ken Fairbrother

India Reilly

Maria Malakouna

Alberto Brunelli-Bonet

Luisa Sousa

Scott Bryant

Violin 2

Daniel Joseph Harding

Yik Liang Soo

Laetitia Pannetier

Helena Downie

Maria Turowska

Hannah De Bordes

Tsui See Trasy Leung

Duncan Richards

Yuki Liew

Fiona Cantlay

Kane Howard-Bunt

Naomi Priestnall

Olivia Edmundson-Andrade

Weronika Kuffel


Jasmine Ong

Florencia Cozza

Gordon Cervoni

Daisy Richards

George Hillier

Lilia Rubin

Emilian-Teodor Danila

Gina Wright

Teresa Ferreira

Gordon McLaren

Alasdair Habuki-Bedford

Sarah Hanniffy


Jalayne Mitchell

JaeMin Kim Kang

Josiah Duhlstine

Ben Cummings

Khalil Johnson

Rhona Pryce

Ayla Mascarenhas

Shakira Segalla-Humbert

BenAvram Grynberg

Freya Ruuskanen

Double Bass

Brendan Norris

Anna-Philippa Arttio

Maximilian Lamprecht

Jennie Gillespie

Emily McDougall

Rhona MacDonald

Megan Warnock

Joe McLaren


Aimee Clark (RVW)

Gina Gallacher (Advent)


Alexandru-Stefan Placinta


Andrew Forbes*

Rhythm Section (Bedingfield)

Drums: Garry Simpson

Guitar: Conor Smith*

Piano/Keys: John Lowrie*

Bass: Laurie Moore

The orchestra is comprised of RCS students and members of the RCS Junior Conservatoire.  Guest players are marked with a *.

Special Mentions

With Thanks

We would like to extend our thanks to those below for their help and support of Vital Signs of the Planet. 


Thanks to our RCS colleagues:

David Watkin

Alvin Ho

Emilie Godden

John Logan

Allan Neave

Aaron Shorr

Fali Pavri

Karen Cargill

Tommy Smith 


Thank you to NASA and National Geographic for the visual elements of the concert.


Debussy / La Mer

Katy Mersmann – Lead Producer and Editor

Wade Sisler – Producer

Data Visualization by the NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio – Horace Mitchell, Greg Shirah, Alex Kekesi, Lori Perkins, Ernie Wright, Trent Schindler


Vivaldi / The Four Seasons

Alison Gold – Lead Producer and Editor

Producer – Wade Sisler

Images Courtesy USGS and NASA Landsat Program – Kevin Ward, NASA’s Earth Observatory, Allison Nussbaum, Ginger Butcher

The Global Climate Uprising Festival

Vital Signs of the Planet formed part The Global Climate Uprising Festival which brought partnerships of international climate change and environmental organizations, educational and cultural institutions, artists, and activists to present their work in climate change research, advocacy, and new solutions through the power of media, art, and technology at COP26.

Bonnie Nelson Schwartz

International producer of theatre, television, concerts, and festivals with more than 100 plays, films, television programs and concerts in Washington DC, New York, London, and South Africa; the Olympic Games in Barcelona, Lillehammer, and Atlanta, Broadway, Carnegie Hall, and over 25 years of concert productions at the John F. Kennedy Center

Jayni Chase

Chair Friends of the Earth
Executive Producer

In 1987 Jayni founded the Center for Environmental Education to advance K-12 environmental education (EE). Author of Blueprint for a Green School, a resource guide for greening schools, Jayni also serves on the board of Billion Oyster Project (BOP) and has received many honors and awards for her pioneering work in EE. She participated in the Clinton Global Initiative and trained with Al Gore to present his Climate Reality Slide Show.

Margaret Johnson

Producer, Lake Arts Foundation
Margaret launched Lake Arts Foundation to develop unique original programming for international artists in film, theatre and dance through collaborations with arts organizations, universities and individu