Private accommodation

Glasgow is a city of some 80,000 students so there is a lot of accommodation available.  If you’re made a late offer and cannot get a place in Liberty House there are many other high quality student residences in Glasgow.  Each year we have a small pocket of RCS students in each of them and all are within easy travelling distance of RCS.  For a comprehensive list of local student halls of residence please see our guide to Accommodation in Glasgow


PAD has been set up by Glasgow’s Higher Education institutions to help you find a suitable and secure place in which to live, in good and tenant-able conditions. It is aimed at students who are considering renting flats, houses, rooms and bedsits in the private sector, where the accommodation is rented directly from the owner or his/her agent and where the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland has no direct control over the agreement. If you are interested in renting a flat or a room in the private sector, you will find the Private Accommodation Database (PAD) a good place to start.

In the interest of student safety, accommodation is not registered with PAD unless the landlord has confirmed that it conforms to the standards required to meet the PAD Safety Guidelines.

If you’re an overseas student and would like to rent a flat, it is advisable that you come over as early as you can before the start of your programme in order to secure accommodation.  However, you should bear in mind that many continuing students start looking for September-start accommodation several months in advance and many letting agencies will not rent out a property to someone who has not viewed it in person.

Many students use the Gumtree website to find housing.  It can be very useful but you must exercise caution when replying to advertisements on the internet.  Police Scotland advise students to watch out for rental scams.

Accommodation in Glasgow 2018-19


Further advice
If you would like further advice or information on finding accommodation in Glasgow, our International and Student Experience team via welfare@rcs.ac.uk

Guarantor advice
Citizens Advice have information on student housing and using guarantors.