Welcome to the Into the New digital festival!

I want to commend the artists presenting their degree show work at this festival for developing this material under some of the most challenging circumstances that students (and artists) have faced in our lifetimes. There have been many disappointments along the way, including not being able to have the work performed live at Tramway as planned, having no live audience (which feels so vital to sharing performance work), and having to work creatively in accordance with social distancing and COVID-19 guidelines.

Despite all of this, this graduating cohort have worked incredibly hard to not only get through this pandemic, but to devise a range of amazing and diverse new artworks which are being premiered over four days at the Into the New digital festival. I want to say thank you to our students, the artists of the future, for their resilience and for inspiring me every day. The way in which they have responded to this moment in a creative, curious and committed way has been extraordinary and I am amazed by what they have achieved.

These artists have not stopped making, they have found new ways of creating, collaborating and bringing us together and that gives me hope as we navigate these times. I am immensely energised and excited about what a new generation of artists can do to respond to what is happening in the world and to help us understand it, question it, mourn it, celebrate it, and learn from it.

We need artists now more than ever.

Dr Laura Bissell, Interim Head of Contemporary Performance Practice


Artists and makers have historically always been asking questions.  And those questions reflect, inform and shape the societies in which we collectively reside.  Right now, in this moment, the questions are critical and complex – and the arts are more relevant than ever before.

 As a society, the way in which we consume the arts has radically shifted and the platform for Into the New this year represents the exceptional reflection, critical thinking and breaking of boundaries from our students and staff on the Contemporary Performance Degree Programme.

Thank you for your engagement – as an audience member and supporter.  And thank you students and staff for your outstanding efforts in navigating one of the most challenging times in recent history for the arts.  Your work matters.

Helen McVey, Interim Director of the School of Drama, Dance, Production and Film
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Into The New Team

Festival Team
  • Laura Bissell, Interim Head of Programme, BA Contemporary Performance Practice
  • Lynfryn Mackenzie, Head of CPU
  • Ros Maddison, Head of Production 
  • Rachel O’Neill, Into the New Mentor 
  • Sarah Hopfinger, Into the New Mentor 
  • Steven Anderson, Into the New Mentor 
  • Adam Castle, Festival Producer
Production team
  • Naomi Hoolahan, Production Manager 
  • Kevin Murray, Production Manager
  • Colin Bell, CPU Production Manager 
  • Chris Gowling, Technical Manager 
  • Jon Meggat, Lighting     
  • Guy Coletta, Sound 
  • Gregor Barclay, Filming 
  • Alan McIlrath, Filming 
  • Robert McFadzean, Photography
  • Jassy Earl, Photography 
BA-PTM Students

Stage Management  

  • Hannah Henderson, Snr SM (PTM-3) 
  • Zsanska Bollock, SM on the Book (PTM-3) 
  • India Kilbride, SM on the Book (PTM-2) 
  • Thomas OHear, ASM (PTM-1) 
  • Caitlin Riddell, ASM (PTM-1) 

Technical Stage 

  • Darren Wilson, Head of Stage (PTM-3) 
  • Ewan Sullivan, Head of Flys (PTM-3) 
  • Arran Scott, Stage (PTM-1) 
  • Thomas Sedgwick, Stage (PTM-1) 
  • Lewis Brown, Stage (PTM-1) 
  • Fraser Mackie, Stage (PTM-1) 
  • Viola Fowler, Stage (PTM-1) 
  • Pippa Reilly, Stage (PTM-1) 


  • Ross Hunter – LD (3rd yr), Lighting Designer (PTM-3) 
  • Nick Ruebenacker, Programmer (PTM-3) 
  • Louise Chan – PLX (3rd yr), Production LX (PTM-3) 
  • Anna Athanasiadi (LX), Lighting (PTM-1) 
  • Ewan Fraser (LX), Lighting (PTM-1) 
  • Leo Wittwer (LX), Lighting (PTM-1) 


  • Corey Jackson, Sound (PTM-3)


  • Anne Peart, Zoom Moderator (PTM-1) 
  • Rita McDade, Translation Lecturer and Coordinator
  • Ciaran Stewart, BSL interpreter and integrated performer
  • Janice Murdoch, BSL interpreter
  • Jill Gallacher, BSL interpreter
  • Laura Harrison, Live captioner
  • Sheryll Holley, Live captioner
Branding and Marketing
  • Marc Thompson
  • Roslyn Smith
  • Barry Carty
  • Fourtwentyseven Design
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