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Short Course FAQs

If you’re interested in booking a Short Course or Summer School, please check the FAQs below for more information about all aspects of choosing, booking and attending your course.

Choosing a Course

We are pleased to welcome learners of all experience levels to our courses. We ask that you check the age range, the course preparation, and entry requirements on our webpages to see if the course is suitable for your level.

Most of our courses are open access – meaning that anyone can take part. If there is an entry requirement or specific previous experience is recommended for the course, there will be a tab on the course webpage to specify this.

Generally, if you have no experience, or have been away from your study for a number of years – we would encourage you to look at courses with Beginner or Introduction in the title.

Never! Our adult classes are for anyone ages 16+. We often have a range of people aged from their late teens/early twenties to their late sixties and above. Our tutors are adept at creating a comfortable learning atmosphere for all the people in the group. We can’t predict the ages of the people on the course – but we can assure you that now is the right time to learn something new!

Several of our courses for young people and adults aged 16+ offer an optional credit-rated choice. You can find out more about the credit-rated accreditation we offer on the credit rated courses page, or clicking on your chosen course page for further details.

In general, our courses are unaccredited however you can request a certificate of attendance on completion of your course, if required. Please email to request this 2 weeks prior to your course end date.

Yes! Our courses welcome students from across the world. You do not need a certificate in English in order to take Short Courses at the RCS. However, as all classes are delivered in English we do ask that you are comfortable following instructions, discussing ideas and sight-reading English aloud within the class.

Booking a Course

The first time you book a short course you will need to set up a Schooble account – this is your customer account for our online booking system, Paritor. You need a Schooble account to book your course, change or update your personal information, and check when payments are due/make a payment. Details of all the courses you have attended or are attending can be found on your account.

If you are trying to set up a Schooble account or change your password, you might see that you have been sent a verification code. This code will be sent to the email associated with the account and often goes to your junk mail. Please check there first, and then email us if you cannot locate it.

You should receive an automated email from our booking operator, Paritor, to confirm that you have been successful in booking your course. This may get filtered to your junk mail – so please remember to check. If you are in any doubt – you can email us for further confirmation.

You will receive your course welcome information from us 1 to 2 weeks ahead of the course start date. This includes all the information you will need to attend the course including details of advance preparation is this is required.

Log into your Schooble account by going to From there click the Account on the left-hand side, and then click Details. You can click Change Sign-in or Change Password as required. If you are changing your address, click Update.

Go to and click the Forgotten Password button. Enter the email address you used when you set up your account to receive a verification code. Once you have verified your email address you will be able to follow the steps to change your password.

If you are struggling with this, please email for assistance.

We offer classes to people ages 1-100, and during our courses our student’s safety is our priority. By giving us emergency contact information, you can ensure that should anything happen to you/your child during our courses – we will be able to contact someone to make them aware.

Our booking form accommodates a wide range of classes, and is the same for children, young people, and adults. As an adult you can click, I’m an Adult to avoid some of these questions.

As a young person, we ask for your age and school to ensure that you are in the correct age group for your class.

We take our student’s safety and wellbeing seriously and want to support everyone to learn in a way that suits them. If you have listed a medical condition or disability, we will contact to you to ask if there is any specific  support we can put in place for you.

Courses have a limited number of places available. You can book onto the waiting list by clicking the Book Now button on the webpage. This will take you to the booking form to register your interest but without taking you to the payment page – it does not cost anything to book onto the waiting list.

We encourage all bookers to register for the waiting list if you wish to take the course. We try to respond to demand, and if we have enough people on the waiting list to run another course – we will! So it is worth booking on to register your interest.

You will be contacted on the email associated with your account. We ask that you respond to your invitation as soon as possible (and before the stated deadline) as it allows us to process your application and get you set up for the course. If you no longer wish to take the place, please email us to confirm.

Yes! If you have received an automated email saying you have been invited from the waiting list, please log onto and click on the course name in the Action Required box. This will allow you to Confirm Acceptance and take you to the payment stage of the booking form to confirm your space. After completing this you should email us so we can confirm your booking and send you over the relevant welcome information.

If you no longer want your place – please email us! We would love to offer the space to someone else and the more notice we are able to give people the better.

Please email with to confirm in writing that you wish to withdraw. You can read our Cancellation and Refunds policy online to see if you will be eligible for a refund.

You are entitled to a 14-day cooling off period from the date of booking the course in which you will be entitled to a refund (unless the course has been complete in this period).

You should be aware at the time of booking that, out with the statutory 14 day cooling off period, there is no automatic right to cancel, and there will be no refund of fees.


Yes, you can. When you reach the payment part of your booking form there are different payment options. We do request that all course fees are paid in full before the end date of your course.

Full – paying the course in full at the time of booking.

By Term – paying the course in three instalments, one for each term (only available for full year courses)

Monthly – this will split the course cost over the remaining months until your course completion date.

Please note these options will depend on how much time there is between the booking date and end of the course.

You can log onto your Schooble account by visiting On your home page you will find your Account Balance. By clicking Pay/Review you will be able to see your current payment schedule and below you are given the option to change your payment day. Please note the options are from the 1st to the- 28th of each month and if you change it to a date beyond the course end date your payments might increase. This is because payment for courses must be complete by the last class.

e.g. – your course finished on the 18th April. You currently pay your fees on the 10th of each month, so you are due to complete your payment for the course on the 10th April. You change it until the 28th of each month. Your instalments will increase to ensure you have paid for the course by 28th March, as the course will already be complete by the 28th April.

You can log onto your Schooble account by visiting On your home page you should find your Account Balance then a button to Pay Next Instalment. By clicking that button, you will be taken to our secure online payment Sagepay and you will have the option to amend your card details at that stage. All future payments will be taken from that card.

Yes! We have bursary and scholarship programmes which all students can apply for. Please see the Financial Support page on the website for more details. Please check your eligibility for each prior to applying.

Accessing my Course

Our online courses are delivered through Microsoft Teams and Zoom. You can read about each of these platforms on their webpages. We advised that all bookers download the desktop versions of the applications for easy access.

Microsoft Teams is a virtual classroom. Your Team is your RCS course and will be comprised of the other students on the course, your tutor, and Short Courses staff.

We use Microsoft Teams in two different ways:

Online Classes

Online classes all have a Microsoft Teams page for the class and tutor to share materials. Students are required to have access to this page and cannot do the course without it. The Teams page will be updated with the Zoom codes prior to each session, and course materials will be posted throughout classes.

In-Person Classes

We ask all our in-person classes for an email address to add to Teams in case the course tutor should wish to set up a Teams page to share information and materials. Not all in-person courses have a Teams page, but we keep the information in case it should be required.

During your application you will be asked to select an email address to use when/if we add you to the course Teams group.

Microsoft Teams gets upset by switching emails on a device – so if you already have an account registered for Teams, you should enter that email to avoid confusion.

If you are booking the course for someone else, you should ask them what email they use to access Teams, as only the participant will have access to the Team.

Teams is used by many schools across the UK – so if your child has been accessing Teams for school work, they should use the email already associated with that account – usually their school email address.

Some schools or workplaces do not allow accounts to be used for outside activities, please check, and email us if you wish to change the email address for Teams.

Yes! Our online class are delivered through Teams and Zoom, and we require bookers to have access to both these platforms to participate.

On Teams you will be able to view materials the tutor has posted, ask questions, upload any tasks the tutor has set, and access the Zoom codes for each class.

Your Teams account is linked to the email address you supplied in that section of the booking form. To read more about setting up your Teams, please see below.

Before the course, you will be sent an invite to your Team to the email address you supplied in your booking form.

If you have never used Teams before:

  1. Click the purple Open in Microsoft Teams box in the email.
  2. Your internet browser will take you to a Microsoft page that offer to Create account – with the email listed below. Click Next.
  3. Create a password – and click Next.
  4. Fill out the remaining account information (date of birth).
  5. Follow the information to verify your email. Enter the code into the box.
  6. Fill out the captcha and click Next.
  7. You will then be taken to an RCS page. Read the permissions and click Accept.
  8. Once you have clicked Accept, you will be redirected to a page. On the page there will be two options: Download the Windows/Mac app or Use the web app instead. We advise all users to download the app. Follow the steps to do so.


If you have already downloaded the app, a pop up will appear on the screen and you can click Open Microsoft Teams.

  1. Once you have done this you will either be directed to the online version or the desktop version as selected. You will then be asked to enter your email to sign in. This is the email you received your Teams invitation to, and the account you have just created.
  2. Enter the password you just created for this account.
  3. You may have a ‘Welcome to Teams!’ page. Please select Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (Guest) if not already shown. Click Continue.
  4. At this point – you are in Teams. You should be automatically taken to the RCS Course Team. You will see a General tab, and a Zoom Codes tab. These are channels where the tutors will post the relevant information.

Short Courses and Credit-Rated Short Courses students do not have an RCS email account. If you are asked to select the type of Teams you will be using, please click Personal.

You will find the codes in the Zoom Codes channel of Teams. You will see it on the left-hand side of your screen, and by clicking on that Channel you’ll see where the Tutor has posted the Zoom code and password for the session.

Please note that the Zoom codes are different for each week. In order to keep all our customers safe online, we require bookers to log into Teams to access the codes. This limits the amount of people who will see the codes and stops them getting forwarded via email. For this reason, we cannot send you the Zoom codes via email.

Once you have been sent the Welcome Information, you will be added to the Teams group. You will receive an automated message from Microsoft Teams notifying you of this. We will aim to send this information out 1 to 2 weeks ahead of the course start date.

If you have received your Welcome Information, you should have received your Teams invite. Please check your Junk Mail before emailing us. Remember that the Teams invite will go to the email address you entered for Teams – this may be different to the email address you have listed for communication from us.

If you have not received an email, it may be due to an error in the email provided to us.

Sometimes Microsoft Teams can get confused. Please sign out and sign back in by clicking your initials at the top right-hand corner. Try clicking the Open Microsoft Teams in the invitation email again. Try logging in via the Microsoft Teams website. If you are unsuccessful, please email with screenshots and we will endeavour to help you

You will have access to the Team for up to a week after the course ends. On the day of the final class, we ask that you download any materials and save any links you wish to keep from the Team. One week after the course, we will remove all members from the Team and delete it.

You can either upload a file by posting a message in the General Channel, or you can upload it to the Files section, by clicking the Files button at the top.

You need to wait until the full file is uploaded. For video files this can take a number of minutes. You need to keep the Teams page up while your file uploads. You will see a green line crossing the bottom of the File – only once that has completed is the file fully uploaded – and then you are ready to hit post. Remember to check your file works once it has been uploaded.

Please note that anything you upload to Teams can be seen by your classmates – this is great as it offers the opportunity for peer review as you would in a usual classroom setting. If you would rather send something directly to the tutor, you can email it to and we will pass it along.

Your RCS Course Team is an invite-only group. The only people who have access to the Team are the participants, the tutors, and the Short Courses staff.

Please be aware that anything you put on Teams – much like the rest of the internet – can be accessed by other members of the Team. If you are uploading a video for feedback from the group, this can be downloaded by other members. We kindly ask students to only download RCS materials and not those uploaded by classmates.

Your classmates will only see your username on Teams. Many of our classes choose to set up Whatsapp groups or share emails to stay connected outside class times – however this is up to the booker if they choose to share that information.

If you are copy and pasting the password, please remember not to include spaces either side. It is best to type the password in manually if you are in doubt.

Remember to check that you are entering the password for the correct date. Each week there is a new Zoom code and password.

If you are using the Zoom link the URL should be hyperlinked. This means that the Zoom link will be underlined and in a different colour. For example: If it is in the same colour as the general text, and isn’t underlined – – it has not been hyperlinked. You need to copy and paste it into your internet browser.

To do this highlight the text – and right click, click copy. Open your browser, go to the search bar, right click, hit paste.

Yes! This helps ensure the privacy of the code and makes the link more secure. Please check that you have the most up to date code. If you are struggling, please ask for help by posting a message on your Teams page or emailing

We have found that our online courses work best when you have a screen big enough to see the whole class at once, and the ability to see any shared screens clearly. This generally means that a phone is too small, some tablets might be suitable, but for best participant experience you should use a laptop or desktop computer.

Please ask your tutor before you download any materials. Any materials downloaded should not be shared without the permission of the tutor. We kindly ask that you do not download the work of other students without their permission.

No – as part of our Online Teaching Policy which you agreed to in your booking form, we specify that all performances are for the eyes of the class and their families/friends only. Much like a live ticketed, performance – only those on the day are able to see the work.

This is to respect participants who do not want their image, work, and name shared without their permission.

Online Classes

Yes! All our classes are live, and you must participate in real time. We do not record classes, and although there may be tasks to complete off screen/between classes – all our teaching is live.

Yes, although all our classes are live and in the GMT zone. Please check when the course takes place in your time zone before completing your booking.

No. Due to GDPR we do not record our classes. If you are going to miss a class, you can ask classmates to recap the class on the Teams page for you. You should also read through the Teams page to see any tasks that have been set, and/or materials from that lesson.

If you are attending a Drama course, you will need enough space to lie flat on the floor uninterrupted. This space allows for any breathing exercises or movement work you might participate in. Dance courses will require more space. Film and Production courses are generally desk based. Music courses will require a suitable space for playing your instrument/singing.

We ask students to be aware of their surroundings – make sure there are no trip hazards, and that you are able to take part in any physical activity safely. Additionally, be aware that your background can be seen by the rest of the class – so be sure to hide any personal items you don’t want other to see.

This depends on your course. As our classes are live, you are encouraged to participate in conversations much like in person classes. This shouldn’t be louder than an everyday phone conversation.

If your course involves any acting, singing or playing musical instruments, then you will be making more noise.

Generally, no. All our classes require you to have a device with a working webcam and microphone, and with internet speeds high enough that you can participate in class. You should also download the Zoom and Microsoft Teams applications where possible.

Beyond that, you should have a device capable of recording videos (with audio) and taking pictures. A smart phone is usually sufficient for these tasks.

Please check the Course Preparation tab of your course webpage. If there is no course preparation tab, then there is generally nothing to prepare. We will also include any course preparation in our Welcome Information email – so make sure to read it thoroughly.

In-person Classes

If you go to your course web page you will see the course name states ‘online’ or ‘in-person’. Additionally, if your course is in-person it will have the Renfrew Street address listed as the venue.

We currently only have accommodation options for Summer Schools students.

Summer Accommodation

We are pleased to welcome students from across the world to our Summer Schools. Our course fees do not include accommodation or food, and these should be organised by the student. Our campus is located in Glasgow city centre, and you can find the addresses below.

We recommend Base Glasgow, as purpose-built accommodation for Conservatoire students, with Rehearsal Rooms, Practice spaces and Dance Studios. Base Glasgow is perfectly suited for our summer school students; both safe and secure, with 24/7 staff presence and only 3 mins walk from our main Renfrew Street building, keeping travel costs to a minimum.

Classic En-Suite rooms come with a 3/4 bed, en-suite bathroom, ample storage, mirror, study desk and chair. The shared area includes a spacious lounge and kitchen area.

Please note that Short Courses staff are not affiliated with BASE or on site outwith the summer school teaching hours, and therefore cannot take responsibility for students outside of these hours.

For more information about booking accommodation at BASE Glasgow you can contact them directly via website BASE – Student Accommodation in Glasgow or email

Alternatively, there are plenty of hotels, hostels, and b’n’b options available. We are located close to transport links should you wish to stay outside the city centre. If you are travelling to Glasgow for a course, we strongly recommend purchasing travel insurance that covers course fees, travel, accommodation, and cancellations due to COVID-19 – as RCS will not refund in this circumstance. You can view the Cancellations and Refund policy for full information.

For students under 18 years old, we strongly advise travelling with a responsible adult should any emergency situations arise during class. Students are only monitored by staff during class times.

Renfrew Street Campus: 100 Renfrew Street, Glasgow, G2 3DB
Wallace Studios Campus: 210 Garscube Road, Glasgow, G4 9RR

At the beginning of each class, staff and tutors gather all primary age students and escort them to their room through the secure KABA doors, as well as bringing them back to the collection point at the end of each class to ensure they are safely collected by a parent or guardian.

Staff will provide secondary and adult students with access through the secure doors prior to the class start time, and they are not required to be collected by an adult at the end of the class.

You will be provided with details about where and when to gather in your Welcome Information.

The building has a café/bar located on the first floor, which is open to all visitors. Our Renfrew Street campus is ideally located in the city centre, which provide easy access to other amenities while you wait.

The Renfrew Street Campus is a public building, however only those with allocated access are permitted to enter certain areas of the building. This includes going beyond our secure KABA doors which lead to studios and classrooms. This is for the safety of everyone in the building, and we ask that parents and guardians do not attempt to enter these areas. We always have Short Courses staff on hand to allow for young people to gain access to their classroom during class times.

If you are an adult or secondary school student, please report to the Short Courses office (to the right of the Client Services desk at the ground floor entrance) to be in contact with a member of staff before going to class.

We ask that all absences or latecomers send an email to ahead of time to allow for our team to absence monitor accordingly.

As part of our Child Protection Policy, we operate an absence monitoring system, which means that if we have not had contact to authorise an absence for a young person under the age of 18, a text message will be sent to the contact number provided to confirm their absence.

Although there are no restrictions surrounding COVID-19 guidelines now, we do ask that if you test positive that you do not attend class and try to stay at home as a way to prevent the virus spreading to others.

We care for our students and want to make sure we have all the information needed to assist you should you require medical attention in class. Once you list your medical information in the booking form, a member of our team will be in contact to check if we can put any additional support in place for you during class.

Attending my Course

Please email to notify us of an absence. You should do this as early as possible so we can assure our administrative staff have updated the registers and made the tutor aware so they can adjust their lesson plans, as necessary.

Please do not private message your tutor or other Short Courses staff on Teams (or email) to notify them of the absence. Most of our staff work varying hours and we cannot guarantee that the person you are messaging will be available to pick up the message in time.

Emailing assures that your message will be picked up by staff who are working.

We want our classes to run as smoothly as possible. By telling our staff if you are going to be absent or late, you are ensuring the class can start promptly. If you are regularly late or have multiple absences, it interferes with the work that your tutor and class are working towards and knowing ahead of time, means that the tutor can plan accordingly.

Being aware of absences also stops tutors wondering if you are late, or not coming, and means that Short Courses staff won’t send an unnecessary absence text or tag you on Teams or email you.

Our online classes are designed to be participated in live. It is important that our students are able to engage with each other and the tutor.

We completely understand that online learning is difficult for some students. If you suffer from mental health conditions, or a medical condition that causes anxiety, you should mention this in your Medical Information, and can privately message the tutor on Zoom to let them know that you will be sitting with your camera off.

If you need to step away from your screen, or suddenly leave the Zoom – please email so, we know that you will no longer be attending that session.

If you miss a class, you can ask for a recap from your classmates. If your class has a Teams page, you should read through it when you are able to as you will be able to see any tasks or materials that were posted during the last session.

Due to our online teaching policy, we are unable to record our sessions.

If it is an in-person course which does not have a Teams page, you can contact us on and we will ask the tutor for some feedback. Tutors may provide resources which the Short Courses team with share via email. However, our tutors work part-time and may not be able to provide information before the next class.

Classes that are missed by students are not eligible for a refund.


If you have been asked to appear on screen at the start of each class, it is because your child is aged 13 or under. Our Online Teaching Policy – which you agree to in our booking form – specifies that in order to safeguard young people learning online, our tutors must see a parent for a quick wave at the start of class – don’t worry, you won’t be asked to participate, and it only takes a second!

Parents/Carers of children in our Drama (ages 3-4) class are required to wait outside the room during class time to assist with any toileting or behavioural issues.

Parents/Carers of children in our Primary 1-7 classes are not required to wait in the building throughout, however we do ask that you are contactable in case we need to get in touch. Additionally, you are required to drop off and pick up your child at the start and end of class times in the designated area.

Parents/Carers of young people in our Secondary 1-6 classes are not required to attend pick up or drop off after the first week, as students are able to leave the building at break times and at end of class.

We take the safety or all our students very seriously, and as part of our commitment to our child protection policy, we ask that there is a responsible adult at the drop off/collection point to collect any young person taking part in a primary age class (under the age of 12).

As we are located in the busy city centre of Glasgow, we want to ensure that every young person arrives and leaves us safely.

All tutors and workshop assistants work for us on a part-time capacity and have full schedules with us throughout the day. We ask that parents and guardians do not approach tutors directly, but please speak to a member of the Short Courses team either by contacting or asking for the Duty Manager at the sign in desk.

We aim to treat all queries with confidentiality and will only discuss matters with staff on a need to know basis and at the discretion of the parent/guardian and young person.

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