What are summer schools?


Our summer schools are online short courses for children, young people and adults that take place during July and August. They include week-long courses, weekly evening classes and weekends.

Courses are taught by our world-class teachers and guest artists, and you can take part from the comfort of your own home, from anywhere in the world!

Our courses are aimed at both beginners who want to experience their first taste of the performance and production arts, and experienced students who want to further develop their skills.

Financial Support


We want to ensure as many children, young people and adult learners as possible can access the performing and production arts education that is offered through Short Courses at RCS.

Detailed information can be found in the Short Courses Bursary Criteria 2021 This document is designed to help you determine the amount of financial support you could apply for to help you with your fees for Short Courses tuition, and we encourage you to read this before making an application.

You can also find out more about our bursaries on our Short Courses Financial Support page.

How does an online course work?

How do I access a course?

Our online courses are delivered through Microsoft Teams and Zoom. You can read about each of these platforms on their webpages. We advised that all bookers download the desktop versions of the applications for easy access.

Are classes live?

Yes! All our classes are live, and you must participate in real time. We do not record classes, and although there may be tasks to complete off screen/between classes – all our teaching is live.

Can I participate in a different time zone?

Yes, although all our classes are live and in the GMT zone. Please check when the course takes place in your time zone before completing your booking.

English isn’t my first language, can I still take part in a course?

Yes! Our courses welcome students from across the world. You do not need a certificate in English in order to take Short Courses at the RCS. However, as all classes are delivered in English we do ask that you are comfortable following instructions, discussing ideas and sight-reading English aloud within the class.

How much space do I need?


If you are attending a Drama course, you will need enough space to lie flat on the floor uninterrupted. This space allows for any breathing exercises or movement work you might participate in. Dance courses will require more space. Film and Production courses are generally desk based. Music courses will require a suitable space for playing your instrument/singing.

We ask students to be aware of their surroundings – make sure there are no trip hazards, and that you are able to take part in any physical activity safely. Additionally, be aware that your background can be seen by the rest of the class – so be sure to hide any personal items you don’t want other to see.

Is there anything I should be preparing for a course?

Please check the Course Preparation tab of your course webpage. If there is no course preparation tab, then there is generally nothing to prepare. We will also include any course preparation in our Welcome Information email – so make sure to read it thoroughly.


If you have any questions, please contact us at summerschools@rcs.ac.uk

” This course was truly inspirational. I discovered so much about my monologues and own acting technique – and how to expand it! The privilege of being taught by such distinguished teachers was incredible and has guided me onto a very exciting path.”

– Acting Short Courses student feedback

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