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Welcome to the Junior Conservatoire of Dance

The Junior Conservatoire of Dance is the national centre of excellence for aspiring dancers who wish to progress towards full-time, vocational study at a higher education level. Young people who attend Juniors Dance programmes can expect a fun, inspiring and challenging curriculum, led by experienced experts from their specialist fields. They will receive masterclasses from professionals, attend performances and have opportunities to perform, collaborate and meet like-minded peers.

Our programmes are open to young people ages 11-18 and access to our unique training is provided through audition, which gives us the opportunity to see your potential but also to learn more about the artist you would like to be.

We also run Pre-Juniors Dance, which is open to younger people in Primary 4-7 and is designed to inspire and teach the next generation of dancers, starting with core skills at an early education level.

You can find out more about the Juniors and Pre-Juniors Dance programmes we offer by exploring the course pages below.

Our Programmes