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Fees and funding

Fees and funding

This section contains information on tuition fees and funding sources. Please see the menu to the right for accessing information specific to your circumstances.

Tuition fees for 2018/19 academic session can be found here. You can also find information on scholarships offered by RCS here. Alternatively, you can also find information on our scholarships on The Scholarship Hub website.

Like other conservatoires, RCS charges different fees dependent on the ‘tuition fee status’ of students

Your tuition fee status may be:

  • Home-Scotland/EU (Scotland and European Union countries)
  • Home-RUK (England, Wales and Northern Ireland)
  • Overseas (the rest of the world)

Your tuition fee status is determined by:

Your tuition fee status will be automatically decided based on the information you supply about yourself in your UCAS Conservatoires application. If there is any uncertainty you will be sent a Tuition Fee Assessment Form by the Recruitment and Admissions team. Upon return of this form it will be reviewed by the Assistant Registrar (International and Student Experience) and an outcome communicated to you by email.

Your tuition fee status is decided in accordance with Scottish Government legislation, the Education (Fees and Awards) (Scotland) Regulations 2011.

If you think a mistake has been made with your fee status decision you should contact the Conservatoire immediately and ask us to explain the decision. After this, if you still think there has been an error, give the reasons why you think there has been a mistake in writing to Suzanne Daly, Academic Registrar at It is important to communicate in writing and to keep copies of all correspondence.

If you are unsure of your fee status, please see the information available from the UK Council for International Student Affairs

Cost of living

All applicants should be aware that to study at the Royal Conservatoire, funding should be arranged well in advance. In addition to your tuition fees you will need between approximately £9000 and £12000 per year for rent and living costs in Glasgow.

EU Students

The Royal Conservatoire is resolutely international in outlook and we celebrate and are enriched by the diversity of our community of students and staff. Students from across the globe are -welcome and valued members of the RCS community and we continue to welcome applicants from across the EU and throughout the world.

The Scottish Government have confirmed that all eligible* EU students enrolling in 2018-19 will have their tuition fees paid by the Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS) and this fee status will not change during their courses.

You are considered an eligible* student if:

  • You are studying full-time
  • You are applying at degree level for the first time
  • You are ordinarily resident in Scotland or the EU (not including England, Northern Ireland, or Wales)

*Please note there may be other factors which could influence your eligibility other than the three listed above. For further information please contact SAAS directly.

International students

For students requiring a Tier 4 visa to study in the UK, UK Visas and Immigration requires, as part of the visa application process, that students demonstrate that they have cash funds (or a government authorised student loan) to pay for their first year of tuition and £9135 for living costs. There are strict requirements relating to providing evidence of these funds. For further information please see here.

Discretionary Fund (UK students only)

Once you are a student at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, you may be eligible to apply for assistance from the Discretionary Fund if you find yourself experiencing financial difficulty. These funds are provided by the Scottish Government to help UK students who are experiencing financial difficulty which they could not have anticipated at the outset of their programme. Available funds are limited, so students are expected to have exhausted all other possible sources of funding such as the Student Loans Company or bank overdraft before applying for assistance.

Money awarded to students cannot be used to pay outstanding tuition fees but can instead be used to pay rent, utility bills, for travel to the Conservatoire and for essential programme-related costs. . For more information please visit here.

Childcare Fund (UK students only)

All eligible full-time UK undergraduate and postgraduate students can apply for support from the Childcare Fund, which alongside the Discretionary Fund, is administered by the welfare team in the Academic Administration and Support Office (Sarah Ward and Marion McLaren.) This fund provides assistance with the cost of formal registered childcare expenses for dependent children. If you are a student who has a child (or children) in the care of a registered child-minder, nursery or official after-school club while you are studying at the Conservatoire then please get in touch as soon as you commence your studies.


If you have any questions regarding fees or funding, please get in touch with us at