Food and drink

Home to 130,000 students, Glasgow caters extremely well for its large proportion of the population on a budget. Our own cafe bar serves hot food from breakfast through to the end of the day and always includes a vegetarian selection.

Piece will make you a piece (a sandwich), Paesano and Sugo will give you quick and super tasty Italian cuisine. There’s plenty of burger joints. What about Jay’s Grill Bar for a banging South Korean BBQ? There’s also some of the best Indian restaurants in the UK (try Mother India’s Café, or Ranjit’s).

Glasgow is a great city for fellow foodies and coffee connoisseurs – in 2022, Glasgow was named 4th best city in the UK for vegans by Student Beans. Check out Mono, Stereo, The 78, Lotus, Trusty Buck’s, The Glasvegan, and Picnic.

Maybe you will be looking for somewhere to eat on a special occasion, perhaps a birthday or even when celebrating your graduation? Glasgow has the restaurants to fill even the most discerning palates. Unalome and Cail Bruich are the two most recent Glaswegian restaurants to hold Michelin star status. But there are plenty of other eateries that cook to such a high standard; Ubiquitous Chip is known for its proud Scottish fayre, Six by Nico and the Ox and Finch also offer up delectable menus.

If you choose to live in the Southside or Dennistoun, these neighbourhoods are building their own reputation for cafes and restaurants rivalling that of the West End.

And don’t even get us started on the number of brunch spots that have appeared around the city.

Then as the summer months start to roll around Glasgow (and the surrounding areas) starts to celebrate its relationship with great food through numerous food and drink festivals.

  • The Foodies Festival at Rouken Glen park
  • The Dockyard Social
  • The Big Feed (regularly throughout the year)
  • The Paisley Food Festival (ten minutes away by train)

So there’s plenty of events that showcase the very best of pop up and small, independent Scottish food.

No matter what your taste, Glasgow has it all.