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MusicDance Drama/Film Research, Education & Guidance

Background TechnicalMulti-Disciplinary



19th Century Music (1977-2019)

Acta Musicologica  (1931-2019)

African Music (1954-2017)

American Music (1983-2020)

American Music Teacher (1951-2019)

Applications of Research in Music Education (1999 onwards)

Asian Music (1968-2017)

Bach (1970-2019)

Black Music Research Journal (1980-2016)

The Black Perspective in Music (1973-1990)

British Journal of Ethnomusicology (1992-2003)

British Journal of Music Education (1984 onwards)

British Journal of Music Therapy (1999 onwards)

Bulletin of the Council for Research in Music Education (1963-2019)

Cambridge Opera Journal (1989 onwards)

Choral Journal, The (1959-2021)

Computer Music Journal (1977-2017)

Contemporary Music Review (all content)

Contributions to Music Education (1972-2021)

Early Music (1996 onwards)

Early Music (1973-2017)

Early Music History (1981 onwards)

Early Music History (1981-2017)

Eighteenth-Century Music (all content)

Ethnomusicology (1953-2018)

Ethnomusicology (2006 onwards)

Ethnomusicology Forum (1997 onwards)

Folklore (1997 onwards)

Folk Music Journal (1965-2019)

Fontes Artis Musicae (1954-2021)

Galpin Society Journal, The (1948-2017)

General Music Today (1999 onwards)

Gramophone (all content)

Indiana Theory Review (1977-2018)

Intégral (1987-2020)

International Journal of Community Music (all content)

International Journal of Music Education (1999 onwards)

International Review of the Aesthetics and Sociology of Music (all content)

Jazz Perspectives (all content)

Jazzwise (all content)

Journal of Historical Research in Music Education (1999 onwards)

Journal of Music Teacher Education (1999 onwards)

Journal of Music, Technology and Education (all content)

Journal of Music Therapy (1996 onwards)

Journal of Music Theory (1957-2017)

Journal of Musical Arts in Africa (all content)

Journal of Musicology, The (1982-2019)

Journal of Musicological Research (1997 onwards)

Journal of New Music Research (1997 onwards)

Journal of Popular Music Studies (1997-2017)

Journal of Research in Music Education (1999 onwards)

Journal of Research in Music Education (1953-2019)

Journal of the English Folk Dance and Song Society (1932-1964)

Journal of the English Folk Dance Society, The (1927-1931)

Journal of the Folk-Song Society (1899-1931)

Journal of the International Folk Music Council (1949-1968)

Journal of the Plainsong & Mediaeval Music Society (1978-1990)

Journal of the Royal Musical Association (2015 onwards)

Journal of the Royal Musical Association (1986-2017)

Journal of the Society for American Music (all content)

Latin American Music Review / Revista de Musica Latinoamericana (1980-2019)

Leonardo Music Journal (1991-2017)

Lied und populäre Kultur / Song and Popular Culture (2000-2018)

Medical Problems of Performing Artists (all content)

Music Analysis (all content)

Music and Letters (1996 onwards)

Music and Letters (1920-2017)

Music and the Moving Image (2008-2019)

Music Educators Journal (1999 onwards)

Music Educators Journal (1934-2019)

Music in Art (1998-2019)

Music Perception: An Interdisciplinary Journal (1983-2019)

Music Teacher (all content)

Music Theory Spectrum (1996 onwards)

Music Theory Spectrum (1979-2019)

Music Therapy Perpectives (1996 onwards)

Musica Disciplina (1948-2018)

Musical Quarterly (1996 onwards)

Musical Times, The (1904-2019)

Musicology Australia (1997 onwards)

Nineteenth-Century Music Review (2004 onwards)

Nordic Journal of Music Therapy (1997 onwards)

Notes (1934-2019)

Opera (all content)

Opera Now (all content)

Opera Quarterly (1996 onwards)

Organised Sound (all content)

Perspectives of New Music (1962-2015)

Philosophy of Music Education Review (1993-2019)

Plainsong and Medieval Music (1992 onwards)

Popular Music (1981 onwards)

Popular Music & Society (1997 onwards)

Psychology of Music (1999 onwards)

Psychomusicology (1981 onwards)

Research Studies in Music Education (1999 onwards)

Royal Musical Association Research Chronicle (2015 onwards)

Royal Musical Association Research Chronicle (1978-2017)

Scottish Music Review (all content)

Sound Studies (all content)

The Strad (all content)

Tempo (1939 onwards)

Twentieth-Century Music (all content)

World of Music, The (1957-2022)

Yearbook for Traditional Music (2012 onwards)

Yearbook for Traditional Music (1981-2018)

Yearbook of the International Folk Music Council (1969-1980)



American Journal of Dance Therapy : Journal of the American Dance Therapy Association (1997 onwards)

Arts & Health (all content)

Body, Movement & Dance in Psychotherapy (all content)

Dance Chronicle (1997 onwards)

Dance Education in Practice (all content)

Dance Europe (Aug/Sept 2020 onwards – request username and password from Library)

Dance Research (2000 onwards)

Dance Research Journal (2007 onwards)

Dancing Times (all content)

Journal of Dance Education (all content)

Journal of Dance Medicine & Science (all content)

Journal of Physical Education Recreation & Dance (1997 onwards)

Research in Dance Education (all content)

Theatre, Dance and Performance Training (all content)



Applied Theatre Research (all content)

Art In Translation (all content)

ASSITEJ – International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People (all content)

Broadside (all content)

Clothing and Textiles Research Journal (1999 onwards)

Comedy Studies (all content)

Contemporary Theatre Review (1997 onwards)

Costume (2000 onwards)

Critical Studies in Television: The International Journal of Television Studies (all content)

Design and Culture (all content)

Design Journal (all content)

Dramatherapy (1999 onwards)

Dress (The Journal of the Costume Society of America) (1997 onwards)

Fashion Practice (all content)

Fashion Theory (all content)

Film International: Journal of World Cinema (2011 – 2013)

Film Matters (2011 vol.2 – 2013)

Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television (all content)

Home Cultures (all content)

Interiors: Design, Architecture & Culture (all content)

International Journal of Digital Television (2011-2013)

International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media (all content)

Journal of Beckett Studies (2000 onwards)

Journal of British Cinema and Television (all content)

Journal of Chinese Cinema (all content)

Journal of Modern Craft (all content)

Journal of Popular Film and Television (1997 onwards)

Journal of Screenwriting (2011-2013)

Journal of Visual Culture (all content)

New Cinemas: Journal of Contemporary Film (2011 vol.9 – 2013)

New Review of Film & Television Studies (all content)

New Theatre Quarterly (NTQ) (1985 onwards)

Nineteenth Century Theatre & Film (all content)

Organised Sound (all content)

PAJ : A Journal of Performance and Art (all content)

Scottish Journal of Performance (all content)

Screen (1996 onwards)

Shakespeare (all content)

Sight and Sound (2005 onwards)

The Soundtrack (2011-2014 vol.6)

South African Theatre Journal (1997 onwards)

The Stage (all content)

Stanislavski Studies (all content)

Studies in Australasian Cinema (all content)

Studies in Documentary Film (all content)

Studies in Eastern European Cinema (all content)

Studies in European Cinema (all content)

Studies in French Cinema (all content)

Studies in Hispanic Cinemas (2012)

Studies in Musical Theatre (all content)

Studies in Popular Culture (1977-2021)

Studies in Russian and Soviet Cinema (all content)

Studies in Theatre & Performance (1997 onwards)

TDR : The Drama Review (1999-2020)

TDR: The Drama Review (2021 onwards)

Television and New Media (all content)

Text and Performance Quarterly (1997 onwards)

TEXTILE: Cloth and Culture (all content)

Textile History (1997 onwards)

Theater (all content)

Theatre and Performance Design (all content)

Theatre, Dance and Performance Training (all content)

Theatre Journal (all content)

Theatre Record (all content) includes access to Doollee an online database of playwrights and theatre plays

Theatre Research International (1975 onwards)

Theatre Survey (1960 onwards)

Total Theatre (all content)

Transnational Screens (all content)

Youth Theatre Journal (1997 onwards)



Action in Teacher Education (1997 onwards)

Action Learning: Research & Practice (all content)

Active Learning in Higher Education (all content)

Adult Education Quarterly (1999 onwards)

Adult Learning (1999 onwards)

Annals of Dyslexia : an Interdisciplinary Journal of the International Dyslexia Association (1997 onwards)

Applied Measurement in Education (1997 onwards)

Art Education (1997 onwards)

Arts Education Policy Review (1997 onwards)

Arts and Humanities in Higher Education (all content)

Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education (1997 onwards)

Assessment in Education: Principles, Policy & Practice (1997 onwards)

British Journal of Educational Studies (1997 onwards)

British Journal of Sociology of Education (1997 onwards)

Cambridge Journal of Education (1997 onwards)

Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning (1997 onwards)

Childhood Education (1997 onwards)

Classroom Discourse (all content)

Communication Education (1997 onwards)

Communication Studies (1997 onwards)

Community Mental Health Journal (1997 onwards)

Contemporary Family Therapy (1997 onwards)

Critical Studies in Education (1997 onwards)

Curriculum Journal (1997 onwards)

Deafness & Education International (all content)

Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education (1997 onwards)

Distance Education (2015 onwards)

Drama Research: International Journal of Drama in Education (current year access – request username and password from Library)

Educational Forum, The (1997 onwards)

Educational Research (1997 onwards)

Educational Review (1997 onwards)

Educational Studies (1997 onwards)

Ethics and Education (all content)

European Education (1997 onwards)

European Journal of Special Needs Education (1997 onwards)

European Journal of Teacher Education (1997 onwards)

Gender and Education (1995 onwards)

Higher Education (1997 onwards)

Higher Education Research and Development (1997 onwards)

Intercultural Education (1997 onwards)

International Journal for the Advancement of Counselling (1998 onwards)

International Journal for Educational and Vocational Guidance (all content)

International Journal of Disability, Development and Education (1997 onwards)

International Journal of Education Through Art (all content)

International Journal of Research and Method in Education (1997 onwards)

Journal for Cultural Research (all content)

Journal of Academic Ethics (all content)

Journal of Arts & Communities (all content)

Journal of Continuing Higher Education, The (1997 onwards)

Journal of Curriculum and Pedagogy (all content)

Journal of Curriculum Studies (1997 onwards)

Journal of diversity in higher education (2008 onwards)

Journal of Education for Teaching (1995 onwards)

Journal of Education Policy (1997 onwards)

Journal of Educational Psychology (1910 onwards)

Journal of Educational Research, The (1997 onwards)

Journal of Experimental Education, The (1997 onwards)

Journal of Further and Higher Education (1997 onwards)

Journal of Higher Education, The (1997 onwards)

Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management (1997 onwards)

Journal of Learning Disabilities (1999 onwards)

Journal Of LGBTQ Issues In Counseling (all content)

Journal of Loss and Trauma: International Perspectives on Stress and Coping (1997 onwards)

Journal Of Marketing For Higher Education (1997 onwards)

Journal of Music Teacher Education (1999 onwards)

Journal of Music, Technology & Education (all content)

Journal of Popular Music Education (all content)

Journal of Student Affairs Research and Practice (1997 onwards)

Journal of Teacher Education (1999 onwards)

Journal of the Learning Sciences (1997 onwards)

Language Teaching (2002 onwards)

Learning Disability Quarterly (1999 onwards)

Marketing Education Review (1997 onwards)

Music Educators Journal (1999 onwards)

Music Education Research (all content)

New Educator, The (all content)

Open Learning: The Journal of Open and Distance Learning (1997 onwards)

Oxford Review of Education (1997 onwards)

Peabody Journal of Education (1997 onwards)

Pedagogies: An International Journal (all content)

Performance Research (1997 onwards)

Policy Reviews in Higher Education (all content)