Password Self-Service Facility

The IT Department have introduced a Password Self-Service Facility which will allow you to reset an expired or forgotten password or unlock an account without the help of the IT Helpdesk.

The Conservatoire Password Policy applies.


Password Self-Service Facility



To do so go to the webpage Type in your username and password, and the six character verification code, as seen in Figure 1 below.

Figure 1

Once you have logged in you should get a message telling you of the benefits of enrolling. On that pop up window press the ‘Click Here’ button to begin enrolment.

On the enrolment page you will be asked to pick two questions from a list, and to provide answers to the questions you have selected, as shown in Figure 2. Pick two questions, typing in your answer, and confirming each answer, underneath each question. When you have chosen your questions and answers then click Enrol.

Note: The button in Figure 2 says Update, however if you are enrolling for the first time it will say Enrol.

Figure 2

You have now successfully enrolled on the password reset facility.

Resetting your Password

You can reset your password by visiting When the web page loads you can sign in like you did at the enrolment stage and once you are logged in it takes you straight to the “Change Password” screen.


Figure 3

Figure 4


If you have completely forgot your password but have already enrolled in this service you can click the link on the front page for Reset Password

Figure 5


This will take you to another screen where you enter your username and the six character verification code as seen in Figure 6

Figure 6


This then takes you to the Security Questions page you will be asked the questions that you selected when you first enrolled. Fill out the answers, along with the random characters, and click Continue.

Figure 7


On the Reset Password page you can set a new password. Type in your new password, making sure that it adheres to the Password Policy, along with the random characters, and click Reset Password to set your new password.

Figure 8

If you do not remember your last password and you have not previously enrolled you would need to come into the I.T office on the 3rd floor between Finance and HR and reset this in person, we are unable to reset passwords over the phone or by email for security reasons, especially now with the changes to the payslip site sharing the same password as your email etc.