Hannah Noel Brennan

Student Information


Hannah is an American/Irish actor with the right to work across America, the EU, and the UK. Hannah started her training studying both drama and dance intensively at Walnut Hill School for the Arts. Her love for acting and respect for the UK industry inspired her to audition for drama school and begin her further training at RCS. Throughout her studies Hannah has become increasingly passionate in writing, devising, and using her pervious dance qualifications in physical theatre.


Spotlight pin: 7657-9086-0439 

Pronouns: she/her

Height: 5’6” 

Playing age range: 16–25

Nationality: Irish American (permission to work in UK)



Accents: *General American, Southern American, RP, Southern Irish

Dance: Ballet, *Contemporary, Jazz 

Movement: Lecoq Trained, Mask Technique 

Singing: Mezzo-soprano

Previous qualifications: High School Degree from Walnut Hill School for the Arts studying Drama 

Other: Ice skating, Pilates, Swimming, Verbatim, Devising, Driving Licence 


Work Experience:

Chorus, The Bacchae, RCS (Finn den Hertog)

Polonius, Hamlet, RCS (Peter Collins)

Claudette (Ugly Sister), Cinderella, RCS (Ali de Souza)

Wendy, The Garden (short film), RCS On the Verge festival (Eddie Boyce), Fiesad 2020 Festival  

Samuel Black, 2020

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The Bacchae