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Royal Conservatoire of Scotland


by Alice Birch

31 May 2024

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Where are the heroes?
Who are the villains?

Picked and mixed with the third–year BA Acting cohort from Alice Birch’s 100–scene experimental play, [BLANK] is a series of vignettes bringing to life fragmented snapshots of criminal [in]justice and [dis]connection.

With scenes ranging from the graphic to the benign, the hopeful to the hopeless, [BLANK] is a choose–your–own–adventure theatrical provocation, placing audience interpretation at the uneasy intersection of meaning and story.

‘A potent, devastating exploration of the criminal justice system.’
The Independent

This is an amateur production presented by arrangement with United Agents.

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

Runtime: 2 hours

Price: £10.80 – £16

Age Restrictions: 16+

This production uses haze and loud/sudden noises, and contains themes which some may find disturbing.