James Ripple

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James is an American actor who grew up in Los Angeles. He plans to pursue film, television, theatre and musical theatre over the course of his career. And along with that, he hopes to work all over the globe. After pursuing athletics for the majority of his life, he found his footing in acting and has fallen in love with it.


Pronouns: he/him

Height: 6’2″

Playing age range: 17-27

Nationality: American

Visa Status: No UK/EU Working Visa

Agent: Kimberly Merritt (Manager)




Accents: General American*, RP*, Russian*, Southern American 

Movement: Lecoq, Alexander Technique 

Singing: Baritone, Tenor 

Other: American Football*, Baseball*, Basketball, Football, Weight Lifting*, Fishing*, Shooting, Swimming, Running, Cycling, Teaching, Workshop Leader 


Work Experience:

St Antoine, The Speculator, RCS (Mark Thompson)

Antipholus of Syracuse, The Comedy of Errors, RCS (Andy McGregor) 

Yermolay Lopakhin, The Cherry Orchard, RCS (Katya Kamotskaia)

Joe Keller, All My Sons, RCS (John Kazek)

John (Lead), That Long Quiet Lull (Short Film), RCS (Tano Caruso) 

Alex (Lead), The Fall (Short Film), RCS (Ieuan Francis)

Kyle (Lead), The Quarentiners, RCS On The Verge festival


Marc Cartwright (2020)

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The Speculator