Yidie (Lydia) Liu

Student Information


Born and raised in China, Lydia embarked on her dance journey at the age of 4. Admitted to the prestigious Beijing Dance Academy Secondary School in 2013, she specialized in ballet while exploring Chinese dance, contemporary dance, and Pas de deux. Through summer schools and competitions she showcased her skills, achieving the Gold Medal in contemporary dance at the International Vancouver Youth Competition and participating in esteemed events like the Beijing International Ballet and Choreography Competition.

In 2020, Lydia embarked on an exciting new chapter by enrolling at the esteemed Royal Conservatoire of Scotland to pursue a BA Modern Ballet degree. The exceptional faculty, talented peers, and enriching environment has nurtured her skills and ignited her creativity, fostering a deep love for ballet, choreography, and dance.

As Lydia entered her final year, she auditioned for MFA programs at renowned American and British universities. She was humbled and elated to receive offers from esteemed institutions such as New York University, Temple University, Sarah Lawrence University, Roehampton, and Trinity Laban School of Music and Dance, among others.

The love she holds for ballet, choreography, and dance is profound, and she is steadfast in her commitment to follow this path for the rest of her life.