Industry showcases are held for graduating students in the School of Drama, Dance, Production and Film. These are opportunities for us to invite industry partners, professionals and agents to see your work.


For the Drama programmes, industry showcases are held in Glasgow and London, and, for North American students, a New York Industry Week is held in June each year. Showcases are an important part for performers to meet industry and gain professional reputation.


Production students also benefit from a showcase week held at RCS, where one of our theatre spaces is transformed into an exhibit of work produced by the graduating students of the Production Arts and Design and Production Technology and Management programmes. We invite industry from all of the national companies, theatres and establishments to view the work and speak to students.


In the final year of the Filmmaking degree, every student will work on graduation films which are premiered at an end of year screening, with industry from across Scotland invited to the event. The graduation films are also submitted to a series of festivals around the world upon completion.