Countdown to Plug 2018: Fergus McCreadie

Plug is back for 2018 and this year it’s bigger and better than ever, with 14 concerts taking place over the 8 day festival and more than 50 composers premiering new works here at RCS. We caught up with some of the composers taking part in this year’s Plug Festival to find out more about what it is that makes Plug and new music so very special.


Fergus McCreadie

Fergus is a third year BMus student whose talents cross both Jazz and Composition; this year’s Plug festival sees him bring both of his passions together at the Plug 7 concert: RCS Big Band with Chris Grieve on 9 May.

How did you start composing?

Well, my main craft is as a Jazz improviser, which to me is basically composition in the moment. Since starting at RCS I’ve started trying to slow down that improvisational process to come up with stuff that I can keep and remember, rather than making music one night and forgetting it the next. Improvising and composing aredifferent facets of me as a musician, but I like both for different reasons.

What do you do when you’re not composing?

I suppose playing jazz! A lot of my time revolves around practicing piano and gigging, plus all the rehearsing with my own project and other people’s too. When I have some spare time, I tend to spend that playing chess, or watching TV and films.

What are you most looking forward to about Plug 2018?

I’m actually really excited to hear what my classmates have written for Big Band as well – everyone is so different in my group so it’s going to be a pretty diverse set of music. I’ve also written quite a mad solo section in my piece, so I’m interested to see how that will turn out!

Why do you think people should come to Plug?

I think the most exciting thing about Plug is that it’s a festival of premieres. Whether you go to 1 or 5 concerts, each one is going to be something that you’ll have never heard before, and so you’ll be in for some surprises, for sure.

Describe Plug in three words

Creativity, Innovation, Music.

Be the first to see Fergus’ new compositions and the mad solo section on 9 May, 8pm in the Alexander Gibson Opera Studio. Get your tickets here.
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