Inside View from Abigail

Meet Junior Conservatoire Filmmaking (level 1) student, Abigail, who takes us with her on her busy day filming The Gorbal’sVampire short film. This is a film that she has written and is now directing. The entire class are all involved in producing, filming and eventually editing. Nothing like learning on the job.

See for yourself…

Camera recording a student acting in the Fyfe Lecture room
We spent the day in the Fyfe Lecture room and I was on cinematography for one of our short films. We are making The Gorbals Vampire.
Abigail taking a picture of her and her friends from Junior Conservatoire hanging out in Glasgow.
We usually go for lunch as a class and get our food somewhere in Glasgow city centre. We have a chance to talk and hang out as a group, which is cool.
A picture of the Fyfe Lecture room with Abigail's friend Colby holding a boom pole
After lunch it was back to the Fyfe, while the director spoke to the actors and I set up my shot. You can see my friend Colby with the boom pole and after this photo, we set up out of frame!
Camera filming two students acting in the Fyfe lecture room
We continued working through the day, getting all the shots we planned. It was slightly stressful at first but as the day progressed the whole crew got into the swing of it.

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