Inside View from Gavin

Meet Gavin, who has been studying Classical Music (Tuba) for the past three years at the Junior Conservatoire. Gavin starts his day with us on a Saturday at 9am, and has a jam-packed timetable of one-to-one lessons, rehearsals, ensemble playing and performance classes.

See for yourself”¦

Students sitting on seats in the Ledger Recital Room
Last chamber choir rehearsal in the Ledger Recital Room before the Choral Showcase over at the New Auditorium in the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.
Junior Conservatoire student Gavin taking a picture of himself and his classmates
At my performance class where students perform in front of each other. This is a great opportunity to play in an informal setting and receive written feedback from professional musicians and verbal feedback from other students.
Gavin taking a picture of himself with an orchestra holding their instruments
Practising with the Wind Orchestra in the huge Stevenson Hall (largest professional venue within the Renfrew Street building).
A picture of Gavin with horn lecturer, Kenneth Blackwood, on the right.
Just met the horn lecturer, Kenneth Blackwood, in the corridor and he congratulated me on my recent playing in the performance class.
Gavin holding a tuba and sitting in front of lecturer Tony Swainson
45 minute one-to-one lesson with Tony Swainson where we worked on repertoire for upcoming auditions.
Picture of Gavin with the Brass Quintet Group holding their instruments
Here with the Brass Quintet group that I am part of, led by trumpet lecturer Hedley Benson.

You can also see Gavin in our National Youth Wind Ensemble of Scotland (NYWES) video:


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