Inside View from Oliver

Meet Junior Conservatoire of Production student, Oliver. Over the past two years, Olivier has shadowed degree-level production students at RCS, taken part in the West End Festival, showcasing the costumes and large-scale prosthetics made by the students, worked collaboratively with other Junior Conservatoire students across the artforms leading numerous production meetings and making key sound, lighting and AV decisions. He has been pretty productive!

See for yourself!

Model box set design of London Road
We were shown the model box set design that the BA Production Arts and Design students created for the BA Musical Theatre production, London Road. The degree-level students took us through the process and it gave me an insight into what is expected and the level of abilities achieved on the degree programme.
On stage having a lesson about pyrotechnics
This is us on The New Athenaeum Theatre stage in an awesome pyrotechnics lesson.
Oliver with fellow production students in the workshop
RCS lecturer, Simon Cook, took us through the next stage after creating a model box, to actually constructing a set in the workshop.
Drawing of a costume idea next to the actual costume choice.
We worked with the Junior Conservatoire Acting students to match the script they wrote with costume choices. This was pretty cool as I got to explore the wardrobe that has everything from period to modern day costumes.
Students working on the sound and lighting for a show
This was one of the many shows we worked on, where we do the sound and lighting for the Junior Conservatoire drama students productions.
Oliver sitting at a desk with paper and pens in the design studio
We are up in the design studio here, starting the process of sketching and eventually making a chair for a specific production.
Production students showcasing their creations including a dung beetle and giraffe at the West End festival
This was a fun day helping out the degree-level production students at the West End Festival in Glasgow, showcasing their large scale prosthetics made throughout the year.

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